Thursday, July 04, 2013

My Review of Dexter's 8x01: "A Beautiful Day"

Written by Scott Buck
Directed by Keith Gordon

Deb (to Dexter): “I shot the wrong person in that trailer.”

It’s the beginning of the end and there’s a part of me that wants to prolong this season as much as possible. While I’m definitely of the belief that now is the right time for the show to conclude, I am certainly going to miss this series and this opening episode reminded me of why to be honest.

Dexter’s journey has gotten messier and messier over the years with his actions always having consequences and last season, Deb’s protection of his secret compromised her in a big way and has now widened the gap that was growing between her and Dexter. Watching her in this episode alone was quite sad in it’s way.

Deb’s always had a good head on her shoulders but shooting Maria has resulted in her leaving Miami Metro to work for a private detective agency with Elroy (who didn’t really do much in this episode), sleep with the same creep that she was hired to bring down in a sleazy motel and numb the pain through booze and drugs while activating avoiding Dexter like the plague.

Much as I sympathised with Dexter for being rejected at several points by Deb and more so when his attempts of protecting her resulted in her target being killed by him, there’s no denying that this is all his fault. She killed Maria to protect him and now she can barely live with herself. On top that, Deb also managed to get a hit on her head with El Sapo, who was also meant to kill Andrew Briggs.

I’m not sure if Dexter and Deb can repair their relationship or even should be able to either because right about now, I can’t see either of them getting out of the series either alive or scot free from their actions and adding Evelyn Vogel into the mix only seemed to add to my suspicions on that matter.

I liked Vogel from the off – the neuro-physiatrist with a speciality in serial killers. I knew she was going to be trouble for Dexter and I liked that this episode didn’t waste any time in having her reveal to him that she knew about his code and macabre childhood drawings too. If anything she’s clearly being designed to be a part of Dexter’s undoing and he’s got every right to be worried about her.

I have a feeling this season is going to result in more people becoming suspicious about Dexter. Maria’s death got Angel back into Miami Metro and there’s no doubt he’ll want more answers and even Matthews seemed a little too nonchalant about Vogel being a presence in the brain surgeon case as well.

I like the whole thing with the victim of the week having the part of his brain where empathy comes from being removed. It might have been a little obvious along with the needling Vogel gave Dexter but it’s an interesting plotline and an appropriate one too for the show’s final season. However I don’t think I’d be too shocked though if it turns out that Evelyn herself is the brain surgeon considering that she’s just returned to Miami and she certainly seems to have a bit of a Dark Passenger herself, doesn’t she?

Also in “A Beautiful Day”

Aimee Garcia (Jamie) and Geoff Pierson (Tom) are regulars while Charlotte Rampling (Vogel) is a special guest star.

Dexter (to himself): “There’s nothing like a crisis to help define who you are.”

The opening sequence saw Dexter flying kites with Harrison, coaching his soccer team, setting up the bowling club again, sleeping with a blonde woman and Hannah’s flower wilting.

Harry (re Deb): “She asked you to leave her alone.”
Dexter: “For how long? I haven’t talked to her in a month.”

Dexter (to himself): “Is this how I’m gonna find Deb – dead and alone?”

Angel sorting out through Maria’s things was a lovely gesture, though I don’t think he should’ve asked Miranda about taking Maria’s clothes though.

Jamie (re Maria): “That’s who she was, Angel – a cop.”
Angel: “That’s who she was.”

Vogel: “I look forward to working with you, Dexter Morgan.”

Jamie and Quinn are now sleeping together. I really cannot make myself even remotely interested in this storyline.

Deb (to Dexter): “So why don’t you go back to your little life and pretend everything’s fine but I can’t do that because I am not fucking like you.”

Vogel: “You can’t kill me.”
Dexter: “Why?”
Vogel: “Because I don’t fit Harry’s code.”

Chronology: Six months since where the previous finale left off.

“A Beautiful Day” probably was a misleading title for this episode but it was certainly a great opening for a show that definitely seems determined to deliver one hell of a final season. Will anyone get out of this alive?

Rating: 9 out of 10

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