Monday, July 29, 2013

My Review of True Blood's 6x07: "In The Evening"

Written by Kate Barnow
Directed by Scott Winant

Nora (to Eric): “My death shall be my own.”

I’m not sure if that’s exactly what happened but in terms of exits, Nora did go out quietly but sadly though. I’ve enjoyed the character and while I feel we could’ve gotten some more development from her had she lasted a bit longer, it’s hard to deny that at the moment the show is probably killing off the right characters in order to clear the decks and further some storylines.

Nora’s death will unlikely be in vein as well. Eric’s anger towards Bill being unable to save her will more than likely continue to drive a wedge between them and it won’t be long before he ends up in that room along with Jessica, Tara and Pam as well as James too. At least this episode gave us a flashback to Eric and Nora’s first meeting in 1665 London (with a brief King Charles cameo), though disappointingly a lack of Godric in it.

Nora told Eric that he had both Pam and Willa to live for and she was right. I’m also wondering that if having Nora, the writers might hold off on killing either of Eric’s progenies for the time being. Although slightly underused in this episode, both Pam and Willa had their enjoyable moments in this episode.

I liked that Willa was able to take Pam on verbally and that the latter was even civil enough to come up with a logical plan in relation to the Hep V spiked blood bottles. I also liked that Pam insisted Willa told Tara and Jessica about the blood being spiked as well. Things like that can make Pam a bit more endearing to watch as a character. The other endearing thing was her therapy session with that prat of a shrink. Pam knows exactly what he wants to hear and she’s using it to her advantage. It’s hard not to be impressed with Pam for that.

Keeping with the impressed for a bit but for the wrong reason, there’s also Sarah Newlin. She spent a few moments grieving for Burrell before assuming control of his operation and placing Jason in mortal danger as well. With Burrell being dead and Warlow not doing much villainy, it’s eerily good to see Sarah step up to the plate and be a nasty piece of work. I think Maryann, Marnie and Salome would all be impressed with her work so far. Probably Marnie the most though.

As for Jason – he might be in a pit of female vampires waiting to tear him apart but at least he has Tara protecting him. While I do wish Tara was getting a bit more to do this season, it’s great seeing her protective and sensible side coming out to play. If anything this season has only further justified why making her into a vampire has been the best thing for her character. Although she’s obviously going to have problems keeping Jason safe with that head vampire, Violet wanting him as a snack though.

Of course being a vampire has also been good for Willa and two episodes in, it’s also showing us that James is perfectly capable of being a compassionate bloodsucker too. I liked that he did question Jessica wanting to have sex with him before he actually agreed to it and he does seem to be a good romantic option for her at the moment too. Basically, can we keep him?

Also, if we can keep James, can we please get rid of Alcide’s numbskull pack and that bitch Rikki as well? I don’t know what the hell happened to her between seasons, but having her capture Nicole and her mother just angered me and if Alcide doesn’t step up to the mark and take her out, I will be pissed off. Jackson was right about being a lone wolf and Rikki just proved it as well.

The show is bumping off characters and personally I think Rikki needs to be next in line. At least then the Alcide I liked in the previous three seasons can return at last. Besides, even the writers at this point must have twigged that the wolves are the weakest part of the whole storyline this year. They just don’t work and I hate seeing Sam being ostracised from his own town because of them too.

Last but not least – nothing really happened with Sookie and Warlow in this episode other than debates about courting. It was her scenes with Arlene and Bill that had more going for them instead. Bill raised a fair point about using Warlow’s blood and though Sookie didn’t seem keen on the idea, I think she saw where Bill was coming from though.

Also in “In The Evening”

This was a great episode for Rob Kazinsky – he literally was just naked in it for about two scenes.

Eric (to Bill, re Nora): “If you are God, please heal her for me.”

Sarah kissing Burrell’s head was a scene I could’ve done without. I did find her elocution lessons tape rather amusing though.

Sarah (to David): “When God’s message is this clear, I am truly an unstoppable woman.”

Sam (to Nicole): “My friend died. Not being there is not an option.”

James was punished for not shagging Jessica by having his fangs smashed in by the looks of it. I don’t think he’s that old a vampire as he seemed to be referring to his father in the present tense.

Jessica (to Jason): “You can’t stop bad things from happening to me. We don’t live in that kind of world, I’m sorry. All you can do is go and be the sweet, wonderful man you are.”

James: “Don’t you have any good news at all?”
Jessica: “Nope.”
James: “Damn. I feel like a fool.”

Bill and Andy had a pretty tense moment in this episode. It did seem like he was threatening Andy against hurting Jessica. Arlene’s reaction to Bill being able to walk in the day was priceless though.

Eric (to Bill): “Do you need to hear me say the words? I believe you. I believe in you. I believe that you are divine.”

Arlene: “You’re walking in the daylight?”
Bill: “Yes.”
Arlene: “Fuck me.”

Standout music: Led Zeppelin’s “In The Evening” of course.

Tara (to other vampires, re Jason): “Back off bitches.”

Chronology: From where “Do You Feel Me?” left off.

Great episode. “In The Evening” might not have had the excitement of the previous two episodes but it certainly wasn’t a dull one either. Nora’s death was another in a long line of needed kills and it will be interesting to see if Warlow can vamp up and how low Sarah will go to fulfil Burrell’s plans as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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