Saturday, July 27, 2013

Assured Destruction

It's a short run down of some programmes that I've watched but here it goes ...

Defiance: This has been a decent but slightly lacking first season. Let me point out that I intend to watch the second season and while I enjoyed a lot of the events over the last few episodes such as the wedding, Nikki's downfall, Stahma/Kenya's affair, Irisa fulfilling parts of her destiny and Datak predictably winning the mayoral vote over Amanda, I still feel the show needs to be a bit more adventurous. In a lot of ways, even with some of the machinations going on, the show still hasn't moved into gripping television just yet. Hopefully though it will next season.

Skins: Well, it's been three episodes since I last discussed this show and to be honest, I am not enjoying this final series at all. It's not that the episodes are awful but they just feel uneventful. Fire Part 2 gave us a pretty annoying ending for Effy, Naomi and Emily while the two-parter Pure did nothing to Cassie except give her her a lame triangle, some pretentious rubbish with photography and an unexplored subplot with her family and a stalker to boot. I am beginning to wonder if this six part series would've been better focusing on a character per episode, instead of giving three characters a two parter each. I can only hope that Cook's story, Rise ends the series on an interesting note.

The Americans: I really love this show but what I don't love is that it airs on a Saturday after one of ITV's terrible talent shows though. Like Homeland, this series deserves a better day to air and better promotional material as well. At least eight episodes have aired now and the show has gotten better and better. Philip and Elizabeth are compelling to watch, especially given that now they seem unable to maintain their arranged marriage but it's the likes of Claudia and Stan who are just that tiny bit more interesting though. Claudia has been quite the fly in the ointment for the Jennings since she was assigned to be their handler and Stan's relationship with Nina has been gripping to watch too. I can't see it ending well though. Nina has casualty written all over her.

The Returned: And the series that has continued to dominate Twitter every Sunday night has only gotten better and better. Tomorrow night might be the finale but over the last three weeks we've gotten backstories for the likes Serge, Lucy and Adele and more importantly we've had the town become aware of Camille being alive, Victor choosing not to seek vengeance against the man that wronged him, more stuff with Adele and Simon as well as Julie and Laure and Lena's back getting healed as well. It's going to be interesting to see how the finale will top all the brilliant and surreal stuff that has happened so far.

- Indira Varma has been cast as Ellaria Sand in the fourth season of Game Of Thrones.
- Naveen Andrews will be playing a Victorian version of Jafar in the spin-off Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.
- Sean Maguire meanwhile will be replacing Tom Ellis as Robin Hood in Once Upon A Time.
- Though it's first season has yet to air, Starz have already commissioned a second season for Black Sails.
- UK viewers can watch the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix from August.
- Summer Glau will be in the second season of Arrow while Caity Lotz has been cast as Black Canary for the show.
- Luke Roberts has been cast in upcoming CW series, Reign as Simon Westbrook.
- Michael Vartan will be appearing in the second season of Bates Motel, playing George a love interest for Norma.
-  A spin-off for Supernatural is currently in the works with the CW. It'll be based on a character who will be introduced in the upcoming ninth season.
- Channel 4 will air the second season of The Returned in 2014.

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