Saturday, July 06, 2013

First Look: Sleepy Hollow

There's not many new shows coming this upcoming season that are intriguing me but one of FOX's latest ones, a retelling of Sleepy Hollow certainly seems to have some potential ...

A modern retelling of the story, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, the series sees Tom Mison's character, Revolutionary soldier Ichabod Crane plucked into the present day version of Sleepy Hollow where an old enemy is currently wreaking havoc on the town. With Crane then being implicated in the murder of a sheriff, it's up to him and a rather sceptical detective, Abbie Archer (Nicole Beharie) in order to stop the Headless Horseman (Richard Cetrone) from claiming more victims. Other characters include Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones), a father like figure for Abbie and Katrina Crane (Katia Winter), the former wife of Ichabod, who is also a presence throughout the series and a a witch to boot.

Executive produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, Sleepy Hollow definitely looks like it could be a hit for FOX. The mashing of historical and modern for both Ichabod and the Horseman works nicely and the backstory between the two of them also seems to be developed nicely as well. It also looks gorgeously shot and genuinely dark in some places too with a stellar cast. It's definitely one new show I'll be watching this autumn season.

Season 1 Trailer/Behind The Scenes:
Season 1 Cast Shots:

Sleepy Hollow will air Mondays 9pm on FOX from September 16th. A UK broadcaster hasn't been confirmed yet.

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