Monday, July 22, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: Doctor Who

Ah yes, the most controversial of all panels (from a non American perspective) was this year's Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con but more on that in a bit, eh?

This year's panel was hosted by Craig Ferguson (who did a bloody great job at it) and featuring on the panel were stars Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman, David Bradley (Solomon/William Hartnell in An Adventure In Space And Time), executive producers Steven Moffat and Marcus Wilson and writer Mark Gatiss to talk about cosplaying, creating monsters and the odd spoiler there and there too.

Of course the big reveal at the panel were the trailers for both the 50th Anniversary special and the biopic, An Adventure In Space And Time, in which Steven Moffat asked audiences not to upload online. To be fair, while I understand the need for exclusives at events such as Comic-Con, it might have been wiser for the BBC and Moffat to have uploaded the trailers on the former's site and YouTube officially. It certainly would've avoided the online carnage that's still happening at this moment. Anyways, the 50th trailer from most sources has plenty of Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Eleventh Doctor interactions, a certain line from a previous anniversary story mentioned, shots of Clara, Rose (Billie Piper) being all cryptic and warning of danger, John Hurt's Doctor as well as clips of Zygons and Time War era Daleks as well. The BBC at least released some pictures to confirm the Daleks were back for the 50th but the trailers would've been better though.

And here's a first image of sorts of David Bradley as William Hartnell/First Doctor in the upcoming An Adventure In Space And Time. From what I heard, the trailer to this in particular is absolutely stunning, so here's hoping the BBC get their skates on and release a trailer soon. If only to shut certain people up on Twitter for the time being.

Comic-Con 2013 Panel:

Doctor Who returns in November with both the biopic and anniversary specials.

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