Monday, July 22, 2013

My Review of True Blood's 6x06: "Don't You Feel Me?"

Written by Daniel Kenneth
Directed by Howard Deutch

Sookie (to Ben): “I have these feelings for you I don’t wanna have but I can’t stop myself feeling them.”

I suppose the thing about having two less episodes this season meant that Sookie had to give into Warlow/Ben’s charms a little sooner and while I do think she’s being a little too forgiving towards the bloke who bumped off her folks, she did make some points here worth taking into account.

First of all, Warlow has saved her twice from being killed by Corbett (the second happening after Bill let him loose for a bit) and his declarations of love seem to be genuine enough. Ben/Warlow even offered to tear up that contract that Sookie rightfully took him to task with in this episode but more to the point, she made a comment about being a ‘danger whore’.

While that’s an extreme description for describing her sexual pattern, there’s no denying that Sookie has been attracted to dangerous men (which is why Alcide never stood a chance) and in this episode alone, she transported Ben to faerie land, tied him to a tree with vines and her own light and ended the episode by shagging him. More to the point, she also let Ben feed off her as well.

Now this is definitely Sookie being reckless and in some ways, it seemed like she was giving into Ben’s desire to have her as his queen but in other ways, it was also Sookie taking control of the situation as well. I’m not sure if she really can have a future with Ben – I highly doubt it for some reason but right about now, he’s the only vampire/fairy hybrid out there, unless Sookie decides to become one herself and that’s quite possible I suppose.

Keeping with the vampires this week, things at vampire camp kept shifting every few minutes. Eric and Pam’s supposed battle to the death only resulted in a security guard getting killed instead but while this was a minor victory for Eric, Burrell did manage to strike back in a truly vindictive style.

Having Nora being infected with Hep V was a truly nasty thing for Burrell to do, especially given that he made Eric watch but while Nora’s life certainly looks like it could be coming to an end, I wouldn’t be too shocked if Bilith was able to cure her at the very last minute. The trailer for next week certainly showed that Eric was going to explore that possibility at the very least.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad for Eric this week. Pam’s still alive and Willa certainly stepped up to the mark (thanks to some coaching from Tara) in trying to break both him and Nora out of the camp, so points there. Actually, truth be told, this was probably Willa’s best episode and certainly her most endearing as well. Willa managed to give her father a piece of her mind and I liked that she considered Tara a friend as well. I really do hope she makes it out of the season alive.

However her father was already toast in this episode. Infecting Nora with Hep V and ordering the contamination of the Tru Blood bottles sealed his fate and his confrontation with Bill was gloriously brief but effective. I have to admit I’m both intrigued and fearful of a day walking Bill Compton at the moment. Drinking Warlow’s blood has certainly made him into a force to be reckoned with at the minute.

Last but not least in the vampire related plots – Sarah Newlin is some bitch, isn’t she? Jason’s plan to rescue Jessica by getting accepted by the LAVTF was going smoothly until Sarah outsmarted him and needled him with watching Jessica and James nearly have sex. James might have been onscreen for about three minutes but he already endeared himself by undergoing torture not to screw Jessica and that was even after Jessica gave him permission to as well. I definitely hope we get to see him again.

As for the final plot of the week – I hated the way Terry was killed off. I knew it was coming but it still felt a bit too cruel, especially after Arlene and Holly had gotten Matt the friendly gay vampire to glamour him. In some ways though I guess the character had been written into a corner but in terms of exits, Terry deserved a better one than this.

Also in “Don’t You Feel Me?”

Comic-Con released a trailer showing us some clips for the remaining episodes of the season. I’ll blog about it tomorrow.

Steven: “I think we should go.”
Sarah: “You always were a pussy.”

Steven’s cowardice in this episode was amusing but he’s screwed himself over big time though.

Sam (re Emma): “She’s got me.”
Nicole: “Are you sure that’s enough?”

Ben/Warlow: “You’re special.”
Sookie: “I ain’t that special.”

Nicole spoke sense in this episode and I’m glad Sam handed Emma over to Martha. Alcide on the other hand was a complete asshole in this episode.

Burrell (to Eric, re Willa/Nora): “I want you to feel the same immeasurable loss. I want you to understand what it’s like to lose part of who you are.”

Sarah: “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
Jason: “Grabbing you by your purdy little Texas balls.”

Creepy shrink fella has a thing for Pam. Chances are this thing will result in his own death by next week and Andy’s surviving daughter is now called Adeline.

Willa: “For me? Now you’re playing God.”
Burrell: “No, not God. It’s science.”

Jason: “Can you define ‘copulation’?”
Sarah: “It’s fucking Jason. You know what that is.”

Standout music: Damon’s “Don’t You Feel Me?”

James (re Jessica): “I’m a vampire, not a rapist.”

Burrell: “The extinction of your race.”
Bill: “That ain’t ever gonna happen.”

Chronology: From where the previous episode left off of course.

“Don’t You Feel Me?” certainly delivered on the death front with both Terry and Burrell’s demises stirring up different reactions but I have a feeling there’s going to be more blood spilled before the season is out though. As for Sookie/Warlow, it’s going to be interesting to see how this pans out over the next four episodes.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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