Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Review of Dexter's 8x03: "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?"

Written by Lauren Gussis
Directed by Ernest Dickerson

Dexter (to Galuzzo): “I consume everything I love.”

However on the plus side – at least Dexter isn’t serving brains in garlic or fingers in a stew. We haven’t had a memorable minor kill for Dexter so far this season and Ron Galuzzo thankfully broke that trend with his kitchen being a kill room. Even Dexter was grossed out by the thing and that was something to see alright.

Of course Galuzzo’s main purpose in this episode was just to be another one of Vogel’s psychotic former patients who wasn’t the Brain Surgeon. Also, if this episode was anything to go by, Vogel herself might not be the brain surgeon either but I still don’t trust her and the fact that Dexter has involved her more won’t end well either.

I’m not surprised that Vogel managed to get some insight into Dexter’s relationship with Deb but once again, why aren’t some alarm bells going off for him? Once again, she seemed to encourage his darker side and was it me or did she seem not to like the bond that he actually had with Deb as well?

However she was there when Dexter needed to get Deb out of the station and made sure that she was the one to help Deb as well by telling Dexter he couldn’t do it. Even Dexter agreed with Vogel that he was unable to help Deb anymore in spire of his attempts of reaching out to her this week.

I thought Dexter had managed to make a breakthrough with Deb when he purposefully showed her the man whose life she saved a few seasons ago had turned out. It was a nice gesture and seemed to reach Deb until both her client and Elway soured things by pointing out the habits of living in denial.

Deb confessing to Quinn that she killed LaGuerta though has to come back to haunt her. Quinn might have bought Vogel’s “survivor’s guilt” spiel for a bit but even he’s going to eventually realise that Deb wasn’t lying about killing her former superior though. Much as I generally dislike Quinn, this was a good episode, namely for his concern about Deb but other plots however detracted a little from things.

It’s three episodes in and I still couldn’t care less about Quinn and Jamie as a couple and her lack of sympathy towards Deb kind of seems out of character for Jamie a bit. It also doesn’t help that Angel seems more interested in Quinn becoming a sergeant than Quinn actually does himself. I think Angel needs to focus his energies on something other than his sister and Quinn at the moment.

Also in “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

The opening sequence with Harrison eating too many lollipops was good but we’ve had better fake out moments than that though and Vogel got more brain pieces delivered to her in his and her boxes.

Masuka: “Ah, suicide. Makes our lives so much easier.”
Miranda: “You should put that on a T-shirt.”

Masuka seems to be developing a similar rapport with Miranda that he used to have with Deb. I like Miranda, even though she’s ridiculously underused.

Vogel (re Deb): “Is alcohol an issue for her?”
Dexter: “I’m an issue for her. She’s acting this way because of me.”

Deb (to her client): “Don’t look at me. I think the truth is overrated.”

I’m pretty sure this is the second episode in a row that Elway has had a hangover cure for Deb. I did find his teasing about Briggs and Quinn amusing enough too.

Dexter: “I would never kill Debra. She’s my sister, I love her.”
Vogel: “What do you love about her?”

Deb (re her client): “Is she fucking kidding? That’s obviously her husband.”
Elway: “She just didn’t wanna see it. People get used to living in denial. It’s just easier you know.”

I really didn’t like Deb getting an injection from Dexter and for a moment, it did look like Quinn might have seen him do it as well. Vogel’s reaction was interesting as well.

Deb: “I don’t want some coffee. I want to confess.”
Quinn: “You want to confess to what?”
Deb: “I killed LaGuerta.”

Dexter: “Vogel was right. I am perfect at one thing.”

Chronology: From where the previous episode left off.

“What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” – definitely a solid episode, though not an appetising one if we’re going by the contents of Galuzzo’s fridge, that’s for sure. That being said though, I do hope we get the identity of the Brain Surgeon and pretty soon.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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