Monday, September 02, 2013

Benevolent Lesbians?

It's a provocative title but if you've seen one of the five programmes I'm talking about here, you'll get the joke, lol. Here goes nothing ...

A Touch Of Cloth 2: Undercover Cloth: I know I dedicated a blog to the first two parter last year but while I enjoyed the second two parter almost as much (mainly for Anna Chancellor's delightful villainous lesbian mayoral candidate, Hope Goodgirl), I just felt I should talk about it here for now. It was fun enough two parter with Cloth going undercover to stop a nefarious plot surrounding a Telethon for Blameless Kids and there's no denying that both John Hannah and Suranne Jones are excellent but at times, it did feel a little too similar to the first two parter, especially with the ending. Still, I am looking forward to the third installment with Karen Gillan in 2014 though.

Orange Is The New Black: By watching two episodes a week, I've gotten at least halfway through the season with six episodes now watched. Each episode has managed to be better than the last with backstories for Sophia, Miss Claudette, Daya and Nikki as well as the further developments between Piper, Alex and Larry and the former's survival in prison as well. If I had to pick a favourite episode at the moment, then it's obviously going to be the one with the chicken. The last five minutes of that particular episode were some of the funniest I've seen in any show this year.

Orphan Black: It might be coming soon to BBC3 but I'm six episodes in and man, this show has been a gripping watch. The government conspiracy plotline with the clones might not be particularly original but the interactions with Sarah, Alison, Helena and Cosima and the more they invade each other's lives has certainly been fantastic to watch over the last few episodes. Tatiana Maslany really has managed to make each of her roles as different as the other and while she's been a revelation in all of her parts, I also have to praise Felix as well. As right hand men go, he's also been a joy to watch as well. I can't believe I've only got four episodes left to watch. I really don't want this show to end.

The Americans: As finales go, the first season ender to this mostly enjoyable show was a good way of ending things. The cliffhanger route is always a good way of getting audiences to come back, especially when the show itself is coming back and having both Philip and Elizabeth meeting the Colonel worked as an ending too. I've enjoyed this show a lot but I've hated the timeslot and I still think ITV have been a bad fit for the series overall. Also the cynical part of me won't be that surprised if the second season is relegated to the digital equivalents as well. It's a shame because had ITV had more foresight, this easily could've been a success for them like Homeland has been for the UK. At least RTE2 in Ireland treated the show better.

The X Factor: Don't expect this in every TV blog jumble but yes, I am watching the 10th series of ITV's mostly ratings juggernaut. So far, the new series seems to be doing better than the previous year and Sharon Osbourne so far has been far less annoying than expected but having it on two nights from the start seems like too much overexposure and the talent so far is hardly inspiring stuff. Once again, there's too much of an unhealthy emphasis on sob story and while the likes of Sam the prison officer do have talent, I wouldn't hold my breath on her winning it though. Bieber tribute act, Luke was surprisingly decent though. As for The Xtra Factor - still amusing, though I'm not sure of new presenter Matt Richardson just yet.

- Demi Lovato will be playing a character named Dani, in six episodes of Glee. Her character will be a love interest for Santana.
- JJ Abrams will be remaking Westwild as a series for HBO.
- Les Miserables could be a legal drama. It seems that Rob Thomas is spearheading the project. Ugh.
- A&E have axed The Glades after four seasons.
- Leslie Jordan will be appearing in American Horror Story: Coven.
- Bethany Joy Lenz will be appearing in the 300th episode of CSI.
- Channel 5 have bagged the rights to upcoming ABC drama, Betrayal.
- Lisa Kudrow will play a powerful politician in the new season of Scandal.
- David Morrissey will play the lead role in AMC's sci-fi series, Line Of Sight but will still be committed to the upcoming season of The Walking Dead as well.
- Alexis Denisof has joined the cast of Grimm, playing the cousin of James Frain's character, Eric Renard.

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