Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Downton Abbey - Series 4 Spoilers

It's back on Sunday and already the promotions are coming thick and fast for the fourth series of Downton Abbey, so here are some things to watch out in the upcoming series ...

- Mrs Patmore is going to have to deal with new technology in the kitchen, which isn't going to go down well with her.
- Mary will be grieving for Matthew, struggling to deal with baby George and also having to work with Branson to modernise Downton.
- Edna (MyAnna Buring) from the 2012 Christmas special will be returning this series as well. However, it's already been rumoured that Branson's love interest is the new governess.
- We will see Thomas's claws this season as well. I think that means he might actually be a competent villain for once. He'll also be teaming up with Edna as well this series.
- Expect to see a darker side to Bates as well this year.
- Gregson's bohemian lifestyle will be rubbing off on Edith this year as they grow closer to each other.
- More about Carson's past will be revealed this year as well with Mrs Hughes picking up on it.
- From the trailers, it does look like Rose will be getting involved with jazz singer, Jack Ross, doesn't it?
- Paul Giamatti will be playing maverick playboy/Cora's brother, Harold Levinson as well this series.
- Nigel Harmon has also mentioned that his chauffeur, Green is charming to a point.
- Julien Ovenden's modern thinking Blake will annoy Mary while Tom Cullen's Gillingham is an old childhood friend of the widow's.
- Kiri Te Kanawa will be playing opera singer Nellie Melba in an episode.

Overall, sounds like a rather exciting series ahead with most of the characters getting plenty to do. I think the show will survive the absences of Matthew, Sybil and Mrs O'Brien as well.

Series 4 Spoilers: http://www.digitalspy.ie/tv/s183/downton-abbey/news/a514812/downton-abbey-10-secrets-about-series-four-from-the-shows-cast.html
Series 4 Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ6iU7p8uJ0

Downton Abbey's fourth series will air Sundays 9pm on ITV1 from September 22nd, Wednesdays at 9pm on TV3 from September 25th and Sundays 9pm from January 5th 2014 on PBS.

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