Wednesday, September 04, 2013

True Blood - Season 7 To Be The Final Season

It's been suspected for a while but yesterday, HBO and showrunner Brian Buckner announced the upcoming seventh season of True Blood will indeed be the show's final year. Personally, I'm not shocked by this announcement but while I will certainly miss the show, even I think the time is right for it to end.

Season Seven will comprise of ten episodes with filming due to start later in the year with a Summer 2014 airdate schedule and it's also been confirmed that Eric will be returning and that Amelia Rose Blaire (Willa), Luke Grimes (James) and Karolina Wydra (Violet) will be regulars in the show's final year. With that in mind I came up with a list of seven things I wanted for the upcoming seventh season.

1: An Interesting Villain: Not zombie vampires or the return of Sarah Newlin (though I suspect we'll see her at some point). More something in the lines of Maryann or Marnie. We've done enough vampire and human threats at this point in the show. The villain needs to be someone/something that interacts and connects with most of our main players.

2: Sookie Ends Up With?: It probably won't be Eric, it technically shouldn't be Bill and while I like her with Alcide, I'm still not sure if it will last. Maybe Sookie ends up with one of these three suitors or maybe she chooses to be alone. Don't hook her up with Sam, show writers. Unlike the books, it really wouldn't make sense here.

3: Fairy Plots: Let's face it, the show's been a bit of a mixed bag here. Claude and Claudine were wasted characters, Warlow a disappointing hybrid, Hunter added for no reason and Niall rather unexplored so far. This needs to be handled better in the final season, especially with Sookie and her recent self-outing as a telepath as well.

4: Tertiary Plots To A Minimum: Unless they have an overall effect on the upcoming final season, let's not, eh? Season 6 did a good job of lessening the amount of superflous plots and hopefully Season 7 will stay away from them all together. Keep it to the point, writers.

5: Other Relationships: Forget Tara/Pam, writers, go with Tara/Willa instead. We've seen more interaction with the pair, a better/natural chemistry between them and even Lettie Mae seemed to think they were a couple in Radioactive. Much as I like James and can tolerate Violet, I still think Jessica and Jason will be some kind of endgame couple too. Arlene can remain single, Andy/Holly will obviously get back together and Lafayette could do with a boyfriend about now. Oh and better writing for Sam/Nicole too I suppose.

6: Bellefleur Bar & Grill/Fangtasia: Both establishments need to be back in the centre of things, especially with Eric, Pam, Tara and Willa running the latter place and I'm intrigued to see what Arlene is actually like as a boss with the former establishment too.

7: HBO: Promote the show better. It's their final season, so more trailers (especially concept ones), gorgeous cast shots, etc. Remember how relentless you were with the final season of Sex And The City? Be like that again, okay? The show deserves to go with a bang and part of that will be down to the promotion of it as well. So promote the living fuck out of it, please.

Press Release:

Season 6 of True Blood airs Mondays at 10pm on FOX from September 30th for UK viewers while Season 7 will air in Summer 2014 for US viewers.

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