Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Review of Dexter's 8x10: "Goodbye Miami"

Written by Jace Richdale And Scott Reynolds
Directed by Steve Shill

Dexter (re Vogel): “Don’t touch her.”
Daniel: “Mother chose the wrong son again.”

We’re two episodes away from the series finale and having a major death was a bit overdue. I know for some that Vogel doesn’t count as major and that her presence in Dexter’s life this season has seemingly rewritten basic lore about him but as misguided as she could be, I was actually sorry to see her go.

It was obvious that her attempts to reach out to Daniel were going to end badly, especially given that the episode didn’t waste any time in signposting them all over the place. Daniel might have moaned about his mother choosing the wrong son again but really, hasn’t that been his role this season?

Richard was the normal son who died because of Daniel’s jealousy and Dexter was the ‘wrong’ son that Vogel was able to mould into an acceptable member of society. Daniel was just wrong and his relish for killing and recording his murders only proved that he was beyond saving.

I didn’t blame Evelyn for wanting to save Daniel though. I think she at least had to try one last time but Dexter was right all along and when she realised that, it came too late and she died because of it. Harry’s words about Evelyn’s death haunting Dexter might have some merit to them but in all fairness, Daniel is one of two major problems for Dexter now.

Even though Hannah didn’t seem keen on Dexter going after Daniel, Dexter doesn’t have a choice now. Daniel could easily try and kill Deb even if Dexter leaves for Argentina with Hannah and Harrison and he’s too volatile a threat to be allowed to run around. If Dexter has to kill one last time, it makes sense for it to be Daniel.

Speaking of Daniel, while I agree that he’s not up to the standard of villains we’ve had with the Ice Trucker Killer and good old Trinity, even the most sceptical of critics at least have to admit that he’s a tad more interesting than The Skinner and Travis Marshall ever were, right? As a last season threat, we could’ve had something a little more compelling than the Brain Surgeon but then again, we also could’ve had something much worse as well I suppose.

As for the second problem for Dexter – Hannah. I’m still not sure if he deserves to go to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison but I do like that the writers are at least showing that Hannah can be trusted though, especially when she risked being discovered to take Harrison to the hospital. That was a noble thing for Hannah to do, but also stupid considering that Clayton soon realised she was still in Miami.

I know I’m technically not supposed to be rooting for Clayton but I actually find him to be a likeable enough character. His scenes with Angel and Deb this week when he was trying to track Hannah down were rather good. While I don’t want him to actually succeed in snaring Dexter and Hannah, the fact that he’s being well written does make me root a little for him though.

Also in “Goodbye Miami”

While Deb got her job back at Miami Metro, Jamie seemed to be looking for other work when she wasn’t getting dumped by Quinn this week.

Hannah: “Wow, we’re really gonna do it.”
Dexter: “Yeah, we’re moving to Argentina.”

Why didn’t Hannah think of wearing a wig or dying her hair when she took Harrison to the hospital?

Dexter (re Daniel): “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Vogel: “Because you want to kill him and I don’t want that to happen.”

Daniel (to Vogel): “Trust me if I wanted you dead, I wouldn’t be holding the door.”

Daniel took Vogel to his kill room and Dexter prepared one for him with pictures of Richard, Cassie and Zach.

Daniel: “I want you to help me like you helped Dexter. I want you to show me how to exist free in this world just the way I am.”
Vogel: “As a killer, Daniel? I can’t help you murder innocent people.”

Vogel: “Please don’t let him suffer.”
Dexter: “I won’t.”

Other stuff that happened in this episode: Deb and Quinn kissed, Elway fired Deb, Nikki showed up a crime scene high and Matthews grilled Vogel about Zach.

Harry (re kill room): “It was always very important to you.”
Dexter: “People get what they deserve, at least they should.”

Chronology: From where “Make Your Own Kind Of Music” left off.

With only two episodes left, “Goodbye Miami” did feel a little slow in some parts but overall, it was a strong episode with some character moments. The fact that the show seems to be hinting at a future where Dexter doesn’t need to kill is the most interesting though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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