Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wizards Vs. Aliens - Series 2 Press Release

The second series of Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford's magic/science mash up series, Wizards Vs. Aliens is upon and the BBC have given us a taster of what to expect with this press release ...

- First of all the series is back for fourteen episodes, so basically seven stories.
- Tom and Benny will be meeting new Wizards and new Aliens as well.
- Both lads will be facing their greatest challenges so far this series.
- Expect not only to see suburbia and spaceships this series but we'll also be seeing Tibet as well.
- Haunted castles and galactic wars will also factor into the new series.
- Tom Bell will also be appearing this series too.
- The Nekross will also be threatening their most powerful attacks yet.
- Tom and Benny's friendship will also be centre stage again this series too.

Overall, sounds like an interesting second run of episodes to look forward to. I'm also interested in seeing how that intended story for The Sarah Jane Adventures will translate on this show as well.

Press Release:

Wizards Vs. Aliens - Series 2 will air on CBBC later in the autumn.

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