Monday, September 16, 2013

Learning Is Easier When You Don't Ask Any Questions

And here's a catch up on some of the stuff I've been watching just of late ...

Bad Education: I sort of misjudged Jack Whitehall's comedy series when it aired last year. Like Him And Her, I wasn't initially impressed with the first series of this show but the first two episodes of the second run have actually been enjoyable to watch. Alfie Wickers might be a terrible teacher (because competent ones are not allowed to exist on TV) but he's actually become an enjoyable character this year, especially with his rivalry with Michelle Gomez's insane Head Teacher and the student characters are being better written this series as well. Definitely an improvement from the first run.

Bates Motel: I literally caught this last night by accident and I am certainly glad I did. I've heard some great things about this modern take on Norman Bates and his possessive mother taking over a certain motel and if the quality of the first episode is anything to go by, I'll definitely be watching the rest of the season. A gripping opening episode, drawing some sympathy for both Norma and her disturbed son as their descent in darkness began with bumping off a rather nasty piece of work and disposing of his body. You know, the sort of thing that bonds the average family nowadays.

Orange Is The New Black: I'm nearly at the end of this series but the last few episodes have been a blast to watch. So much that I kind of want to prolong watching the final three just a little longer. As for the episodes I've seen, it's nice to see more of a connection with Piper and Alex (especially considering that Larry is hardly excitement central), the Thanksgiving episode was by far the best we've had, we've lost at least two different prisoners and both Healey and Mendez have shown their nastier sides. On the flip side, the pregnancy plot with Bennett and Daya seemed a little too predictable but it's a minor quibble in an overall fantastic run of episodes.

Orphan Black: It might be starting up on BBC3 this Friday at 9pm but I've done all my viewing of the first season and again, some impressive episodes. It was nice learning more about the origins of the Clones, Sarah's family, the ups and downs of Cosima and Delphine's relationship (plus the former being ill), the identity of Alison's handler and the introduction of pre Clone Rachel. All of which are excellent material for the second season as well in terms of development.

Under The Dome: A few weeks ago, this debuted on Channel 5 and last week, Irish viewers got it as well. Having watched the first two episodes again, I can say that it's a decent show. As an adaptation of a Stephen King novel goes, we've had better and we've certainly had worse. It's got a likeable enough cast and most of the characters are interesting enough but I'm not sure if it's something I'll watch week in and week out and while it's been picked up for a second run, I'm also not that sure if it's a premise that can be sustained for too long either. Still, it's a diverting enough show.

- Breaking Bad will be giving viewers a spin-off with Better Call Saul, focusing on one of the show's popular characters. It will also be set before the events of the parent show too.
- Penny Dreadful will air on SkyAtlantic for UK viewers in 2014. Harry Treadaway has been cast as Frankenstein and Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray.
- Bob Newhart will be appearing again in the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory.
- Eliza Coupe has bagged a recurring role on Showtime series, House Of Lies.
- Expect a Homeland spoof in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.
- Erinn Westbrook will be playing a new Cheerio named Bree in the fifth season of Glee.
- Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air on Channel 4 from September 27th.
- The Originals will air on SyFy for UK viewers.
- Paul Adelstein will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Scandal.
- Cynthia Nixon will be playing an FBI agent in the second season of Hannibal.

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