Monday, March 23, 2015

American Horror Story: Hotel - Further Cast Regulars Announced EDITED

I know this news is nearly over a week old and I should've posted it earlier but I got distracted by other things. So, American Horror Story: Hotel - thanks to Paleyfest, we know that Lady Gaga won't be the only one checking in this upcoming season.

Matt Bomer was announced as the second cast member during the event. Having already appeared as the ill fated Andy in Freak Show, Bomer will be a regular for the fifth season and while the actor didn't disclose his role or whether or not his character will have a romance with Lady Gaga, I am beyond delighted we'll be seeing him as a regular on the show.

Keeping with the returns, Wes Bentley has also been cast as a regular for Hotel. The actor who played Edward Mordrake in Freak Show also has his character for the upcoming season under wraps but given how superb he was during his guest appearance last season, I'm really glad that Ryan Murphy and company have decided to get Bentley back as a regular.

Of course, a new face to the whole franchise and cast as a regular too is Cheyenne Jackson. The actor who previously had a recurring role on the second season of Glee will be checking into the series and while we don't know who he'll be playing, it does seem to round off a list of gorgeous guys being added into the mix. Is it too much to hope that out of the three new leading men that one of them will be playing a gay character every bit as charismatic, likeable and heroic as the one Sarah Paulson played during Asylum? The last thing we need is another Dell or Stanley, right?

Editing this blog entry because it's now been revealed that Chloe Sevigny is also going to be in Hotel as a regular. Last seen as the tragic Shelley in Asylum, Sevigny who previously voiced her dissatisfaction is now the second female regular for the upcoming season, after Lady Gaga of course. Welcome back, Chloe. Here's hoping your character lasts longer than six episodes this time.

However in some less great but expected news, Jessica Lange has confirmed that she will not be a part of the upcoming season at all. Though given that Hotel is being mooted as a reboot for the franchise, she might not be the only old face not returning but maybe that's not a bad thing. I do hope that we might get Lily Rabe or Kathy Bates/Angela Bassett back but an entire new cast could be a great way of pushing the franchise forward.

What do you think of the casting so far? Who would you like to see check in Hotel this year?

AHS: Hotel Spoilers:

American Horror Story: Hotel will begin filming later in the year and air in October on FX for US viewers.


Anonymous said...

Chloe Sevigny just announced.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Just added it there. Really pleased. Hopefully she fares better in Hotel than she did in Asylum too.

Anonymous said...

I'll say!