Saturday, March 28, 2015

Looking - Cancelled

Yeah, it's been an interesting week. The X-Files coming back for six episodes, Downton Abbey ending during Christmas and of course, another ending in sight with HBO confirming that the end is nigh for gay drama Looking.

The series, which finished up it's second season (thoughts on that finale in a TV jumble blog next week) on Sunday (or Thursday for SkyAtlantic viewers) will not be returning for a third season, but in a bit of good-ish news, loose ends for the show will be tied up in a movie instead. Details as to when the movie will be made and aired have yet to be confirmed though.

I have to admit that while Looking wasn't exactly event television, it was a great show and one that certainly seemed to be improving for the better. Granted the second season did drag out the Patrick/Kevin drama and Richie was kind of just there at times but it was also a great season for both Dom and Doris's friendship and the Agustin/Eddie relationship was easily the best romantic pairing the show came up. It also helped that as a character, Agustin came leaps and bounds too. With ratings for the show not being particularly impressive, it was somewhat inevitable that HBO would pull the plug on the show. On the plus side, at least there's a movie to look forward to though.

Press Release:

The first two seasons of Looking have finished airing on both HBO and SkyAtlantic. I'll post more details on the movie when they become available.

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