Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Review of Revenge's 4x17: "Loss"

Written by Joe Fazzio
Directed by Helen Hunt

Margaux (to Victoria): "Emily cornered me on the street. She said she wanted peace, she gave me her word but then she pushed me."

I was hoping this episode was going to be the last of Emily and Margaux's battle. For a slight moment, it almost looked like that was going to happen when Emily actually handed her real birth certificate over to Margaux. Then that moment happened and suddenly things became ten times worse.

Much as I've hated where Margaux has been taken as a character these last few episodes, she has my sympathy for losing her baby - Victoria too for that matter. However, grief stricken as she may be, blaming Emily (who also is blaming herself) was a pretty callous thing for her to do and it's obviously going to escalate things now.

Victoria was keeping to her side of the bargain by not going after Emily and even spent the last few episodes dissuading Margaux's revenge mission but now we've got this whole new rivalry between Victoria and Emily where the latter is genuinely innocent as well. That's going to be trying in the next few episodes.

Overall, this wasn't the greatest of episodes for Margaux, even without her tragic loss. Her attempts of going after Jack became foiled after Emily and company realised it was the judge who was in her pockets and Ben played his role nicely in the latter being forced to go in favour of Jack. On another plus side - how great was it that Stevie returned in this episode?

Even if it meant some of the usual Jack angst (though he showed some awareness during one scene), having Stevie both in the mix and privy to the Emily/Amanda thing actually made her even that bit more fantastic to watch. Can we keep Stevie for the remainder of the season? She even livened David up in some of his scenes, though to be honest, he was actually likeable and useful throughout the whole episode. I loved that he was able to comfort Emily at the end of the episode and give her sensible advice too. I just wish we had seen that David earlier in the season.

Also in the Jack related plots this week - we got the introduction of social worker, Tony who seemed a little put out by Jack's working/living/family stuff but as soon as Nolan championed Jack, he was a little won over - by Nolan. We've had a few teases this season of Nolan may be getting a male love interest and despite his sham marriage, it looks like he might be in there with Tony after all.

Speaking of Louise - am I glad the Lymon stuff got dealt with quickly. His body was found, Louise lied to Ben about what happened but then told Nolan the truth later in the episode. I don't know where else they can go with this Louise/Nolan sham marriage storyline but I really don't want Louise turning on Nolan though. Can the show avoid going down that road, pretty please?

Also in "Loss"

Emily having nightmares of the night she was taken away from her father was a nice tie into the Jack/Carl plot.

Emily: "This is between you and me. You leave Jack out of it."
Margaux: "Emily, you started this. Whatever happens to Jack is on your hands."

Margaux being the one to go against the Wing in Daniel's name instead of Emily was a better plot twist. Her motives were sympathetic too.

Emily: "I'm holding to our truce, Victoria. I don't want any more loss."
Victoria: "Neither do I."

Emily (re Margaux): "Take care of her or I will."
Victoria: "Spoken like a true pacifist."

The horrible thing is that Margaux's miscarriage was so heavily telegraphed in this episode in nearly every scene she appeared in.

Margaux (to Victoria): "I just want to keep my baby safe."

Emily: "I propose a truce to protect the people we have left."
Margaux: "Do you think I'm a fool?"
Emily: "Just the opposite. I believe you're a good person, Margaux who got caught up in this. We can clear Daniel's name together. You have my word."

Standout music: Ben Howard's "She Treats Me Well"

Emily (re Margaux): "It was an accident."
Victoria: "Around you, there are no accidents."

Chronology: From where "Retaliation" left off.

I loved this episode. "Loss" might have not been subtle within the slightest at hinting at what was going to happen with Margaux but between Nolan potentially getting a new love interest, Emily wanting to end the cycle of vengeance and Stevie's return, this was a brilliant episode.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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