Monday, March 16, 2015

HBO's The Devil You Know - Cast Announced

I actually had no idea this was even a thing until Saturday when it was revealed that HBO had confirmed the cast for an upcoming supernatural historical drama, The Devil You Know. The drama will focus on the infamous Salem Witch trials.

Karen Gillan, best known for her roles on Doctor Who and the short lived, Selfie has been cast in the upcoming series by Orange Is The New Black creator, Jenji Kohan. Gillan will play a character named Jane Porter, the youngest daughter of Israel Porter (Ewen Bremner) while Ever Carradine will play the role of Ann Putnam Sr, the wife of Thomas (to be played by Eddie Izzard). Their son, Robert will be played a familiar face to genre fans.

Damien Molony (Being Human) will take on the role of Robert of Putnam and rounding off the cast we've got Hannah Nordberg as Betty Parris, Samuel Parris (Julian Rhind-Tutt) daughter. Naian Gonzalez Norvind, as Samuel Parris’ niece while Zawe Ashton has been cast as the Parris’ slave brought from Barbados. She truly loves Betty, whom she’s cared for since birth. Will Pullen will recur in the series as Moses Cooper while Kate Nash has been cast as Bridget Bishop, Other cast members include Mary Mouser as Earth Fenn and Beanie Feldstein as Lydia Harris.

While there's a similar show currently on the airwaves titled, Salem, I have to admit the casting alone for this show is truly exciting stuff. A co-production between HBO and Lionsgate TV, the pilot for this series has now begun filming in Boston. Another show I can see myself getting massively into.

Press Release:

The pilot for The Devil You Know is being filmed now. The series will air later in the year or early 2016 on HBO. 

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's going to be supernatural? The news I've seen has only described it as a period piece.