Monday, March 02, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 1x15: It's All My Fault

And it's the final episode at last. I know I waited two days for this but it really did turn out to be worth it as the first season came to an impressive end by resolving one murder mystery and deftly setting another up for good measure too.

Written by Peter Nowalk
Directed by Bill D'Elia

The Killer Reveal: I haven't been this eager to learn who a killer was since EastEnders (or perhaps Broadchurch) and having it revealed that Frank murdered Lila at Sam's request was a little unexpected. I suspected that Frank might have done because I thought Lila might have actually slept with him on the sly and he killed her in a jealous rage but I didn't see Frank being ordered to murder a pregnant woman. Did Frank even know Lila was pregnant before killing her? And what exactly did Sam have on him that Frank would happily kill Lila? He joked about being a hitman in this part of the finale to Laurel and it looks like he actually is one. It also seemed obvious that Annalise was more than aware of that too as various flashbacks and a certain final scene seemed to heavily imply. Reveal wise, it was pretty satisfying and the second part of this finale actually managed to generate more sympathy for Lila than the first part did, which was a good thing.

No Lying Out Of Your Way Of This: Rebecca's actions finally caught up with her properly in this episode as she spent most of the episode being kept prisoner and after many bouts of snarkiness and manipulations, she finally confessed to Wes what really happened. She didn't (not surprising) actually kill Lila but she did find her former friend's corpse in the water tank and actually hid with the body for fear of not being believed of her innocence. She also took care of Rudy by giving him some type of drug to drive him crazy so while she might have been innocent of taking away a life, she's certainly guilty of destroying another person's for good measure. Half of this episode made me feel a tiny bit bad for Rebecca but mostly, Rebecca's manipulative ended up becoming her downfall in more than one way. Leading into ....

Escaped: For a moment, it looked like Rebecca had actually escaped from the basement and was about to drop the Keating 5 (minus Asher) and Annalise in it. Except that despite the gang's panic and Wes's meltdown, it was actually revealed in a final basement scene with Frank and Annalise that Rebecca was dead. So, which one of them murdered Rebecca? Either way, "Who Killed Rebecca?" is a great set up for presumably the first half of the second season but at the same time, it's also a slightly clever extension of the whole "Who Killed Sam/Lila?" plotlines as well. I also wonder that when we do learn of Rebecca's killer (probably won't be Frank or even Annalise), that another person will snuff it too.

Other Things: Aside from resolving a season long mystery, I liked that this episode pushed forward with some other plotlines too. Thanks to Rebecca, everyone else has an insight into Wes's childhood and thanks to Asher's blabbermouth, they're also privy to the fact that him and Bonnie are sleeping together. We also got some forwarding on Nate's case and his lawyer next season is definitely going to be a major guest star (extra points if it's someone from Orange Is The New Black). However the two things I really loved in this episode was Laurel revealing that she kept Michaela's ring all along to stop her from going to the cops (that girl is a dark horse) and Michaela sussing out that Aiden really is gay/bisexual/experimental and refusing her mother in law's attempts of a marriage of convenience. I noticed in that scene that Michaela's accent changed a little too but either way, nice to see the girl get more of a backbone there.

In Sickness & In Health: Well, I saw this one coming. After Connor getting the all clear in the first half of this finale, it was a bit obvious that Oliver on the other hand would be HIV Positive. I kind of wish the writers hadn't gone there, story wise but on the other hand, I really do hope that Connor and Oliver stay together next season and work things out. I really do like them too much to see them broken up and while I wish the writers had come up with some a little more original, I will keep an open mind but I have to admit this was probably the weakest bit of the finale to be honest.

The show has been renewed for a second season, which will air on ABC in the autumn. UK viewers can finally see the second half of the first season, Sundays 9pm from March 22nd on Universal.

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