Saturday, March 14, 2015

Swinging From The Chandelier

You don't have to be a genius to work out that title, right?

Arrow: I've noticed a lot of criticism for this season and I have to admit that aside from Roy having bugger all to do and Laurel's Canary being arguably a little too quickly done, I've still enjoyed it a lot. Especially the last two episodes with Thea finally in the know about everything (nearly) and Laurel FINALLY telling Quentin about Sara's death. I'll admit there have been some moment where I've found both Oliver and Felicity a tad annoying and the less Vinnie Jones on this show, the better but other than that, it's still be good though.

Girls: Hannah as a teacher is not the daftest plot this show has ever done (see I can compliment the show) but one who encourages her students to get their tongues pierced just proves that she's not someone who should be taken seriously. Keeping with this show's uneven tone, Marnie accepted a proposal from Desi (who is an even duller character than Ray), Hannah's father was revealed as gay (did I miss something there?), Shoshanna's dating some bloke whose name I haven't bothered to remember and Jessa is still just there for some reason.

Glee: Sue's downfall having no actual consequences just proves that Ryan Murphy likes having his baddies unpunished for the most but her and Will's continuous feud is just tedious and has been for a long time. On the plus side - I absolutely loved the return of Jesse (the more Jonathan Groff on TV, the absolute better) and the Sectionals stuff was brilliant. Any episode that gives me songs like We Built This City, Hey Mickey, Take Me To Church and of course, Chandelier is going to be a winner for me. Expect a recap blog for the last two episodes in the next week.

Looking: If Girls can bag a fifth season, then Looking absolutely deserves a third one. It might not be event television in any way shape or form but the writing for this current season has been such a step up. The Halloween episode was hilarious, the episode focusing on Doris attending her father's funeral a season highlight and the Gamer episode also rather fun too. While I'm not as enamoured with Patrick and Kevin as I was in the first season, their scenes are still solid but for me, it's been all about Agustin and Eddie. I hate the whole shipper craze but I'm rooting for those two right about now. As for Dom, he might need a little more to do than open up a restaurant in the final episodes.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: With Agent Carter filling up a void and both Daredevil and AKA Jessica Jones on the way, this show is powering full steam ahead with the Inhumans storyline with Skye and the division it's clearly going to have among the team members as well. This show has improved so much since it's shaky debut and the first two episodes it's aired this year have continued that as well, even if I'm slightly worried about Bobbi and Mac possibly scheming behind Coulson's back though.

Once Upon A Time: Another returning show (good news, UK fans - Netflix UK have all of Seasons 3 and 4 for you to watch now), the Queens of Darkness are a delightful force to be reckoned with and now with Maleficent being revived, I'm hoping for some serious chaos in the next few episodes and for the three of them to screw over Rumple as well (before he does with them). Other than that, I'm liking the Charmings having a dark secret, Regina and Henry continuing their quest for the Author, Belle getting on with things and the potential for Emma to become dark is interesting as well.

Scandal: Finally, SkyLiving are on to those episodes. I've read with interest about the whole Save Olivia Pope storyline and catching up with Run, even I think it's one of the best things that Shonda Rhimes has ever written for her television shows. I'd rather see Olivia save herself than have either Jake or Fitz rescue her but at the same time, it's likely both of them will have a hand in getting her out of her current predicament. This season has been seriously gripping and the next few episodes certainly look like they could be some of the show's best going.

The Flash: I still prefer it to the parent show and it's still one of four of my favourite new US shows in the last six months (you can guess the other three) and the last two episodes have done wonders in advancing the Firestorm plot (nice to see both Ronnie and Martin Stein), given Barry a love interest, Iris an actual journalism job while Joe and Cisco investigated Harrison, Caitlin was her general wonderful self and we had a teleporting villain as well as a brief glimpse of Grood as well. It's certainly been a busy bunch of episodes.

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