Monday, March 16, 2015

My Review of Revenge's 4x16: "Retaliation"

Written by Jesse Lasky
Directed by Alrick Riley

Victoria (to David): "I guess there's a silver lining to not killing me after all."

Um, yeah, I guess there might be. I'm not sure how I feel about Natalie being disposed of as quickly as Malcolm Black was. Is there now going to be a three episode limit on antagonists for the remainder of the season? On the plus side, at least Natalie was a bit more fun to watch than Malcolm but messing with Victoria was never going to end well with her.

I did love that Victoria seemed more miffed about Natalie taking over hosting the July 4th party than sinking her claws into David but at the same time, Natalie trying to finish what Conrad started with David also sealed her downfall as well. Having her revealed as one of Conrad's mistresses (seriously how many did he have?) was a little bit of a cop out but I did like that her own stupidity in admitting to starving Edward to death gave Victoria the upper hand though.

I really enjoyed the take down in this episode and it was sort of nice seeing Victoria and David kind of working together. Victoria will never be a selfless person but at least she's being consistent in wanting to use any wealth to clear Daniel's name through a foundation and David while still dull hasn't been as insufferably dull as he was at the start of the season. Make of that what you will.

Keeping with the take downs, Margaux had a mixed bag this week. On one hand, she actually managed to achieve some success by getting Jack arrested for drunk driving because apparently we need more of Jack's 'woe is me' act for the final six episodes of the season but on the other hand, her other two attempts to thwart Emily spectacularly failed though.

Using Ben's ex-wife April and siccing the poor woman's violent ex-boyfriend (a bloke named Wes) to go after her was pretty low by Margaux's standards and it's also continuing my irritation with her whole revenge plot. Even Victoria seemed bored by it during her brief scene with Margaux this week but at least the result ended up with Wes arrested and April getting to have her life back again.

As a plot, it was hardly compelling but far less tedious than I expected to be. More to the point, if I didn't think that Emily and Ben didn't stand a chance in hell of lasting as a couple, then this episode certainly proved that they won't make it as a couple. Which should please Emily/Jack shippers no doubt.

As for Margaux's other plot - her getting Lymon to worm his way into Louise's affection to get information from Nolan's computer - yeah, that was obvious. That being said, I didn't actually expect Louise to inadvertently cause her brother to meet his maker in this one. I really hope the writers don't use this as a means of having Louise turning on Nolan, which I fear they might do.

Also in "Retaliation"

Lydia got a mention in this episode. I wouldn't be surprised if she resurfaced. I'm actually surprised she hasn't.

Natalie: "Victoria, look, you gave it your best shot in court. It's over."
Victoria: "You clearly don't know me."

Both Victoria and Louise seemed to have interesting looks in this episode with their hair. I can't believe I just typed that too.

Nolan (to Ben): "Betrayal. You always have to give yourself an extra fifteen minutes."

Margaux: "I thought common sense would prevail. What is it about that girl that makes people go against their best interests?"

Lymon doesn't strike me as a computer expert, yet he was able to hack one of Nolan's secret laptops with such ease.

Ben: "How do you come back from something like that?"
Emily: "I don't think you ever do."

Lymon (to Louise): "It's your call but I say don't let your old family sink your new one."

Standout music: Years & Years "Desire".

Ben: "A person's first love is their weak spot."
Emily (re Margaux): "Just like Daniel proved to be hers."
Ben: "So who's yours?"

Chronology: July 4th of course.

I really enjoyed this episode. Okay, so "Retaliation" could've done without the super overt Jack/Emily shipping pandering but the episode was hugely engaging from start to finish and I liked the take downs we got as well. Provided Louise doesn't turn on Nolan, this was a winner.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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