Friday, March 27, 2015

Downton Abbey - Series 6/Christmas 2015 To End Series

They do say that all good things come to an end and after weeks of rumours and speculation, yesterday afternoon, ITV finally confirmed that the upcoming sixth series and Christmas special will see the end of Downton Abbey. Personally, I think it's for the best but before it ends, here are a few things I'd like to see happen during the final run of episodes for the popular period drama.

Resolve Mary's Love Arc: Seriously, while a part of me is glad Mary hasn't rushed into a new relationship/marriage following Matthew's death, the final series really does need to give her someone now. We know that Tony Gillingham is out of the running, so it's probably down to either Charles Blake or Henry Talbot, who was introduced during the Christmas special. Either way, just resolve it already. Pair her up with Branson if needs be. On seconds thoughts, maybe not.

Who Killed Green: A thousand times does this story need a resolution. The one thing that Fellowes clearly did not learn from the whole 'Who Killed Vera Bates' storyline was not to drag out murder plots longer than necessary. Series 5 should've cleared this up within it's first half but chose not to, so I'm hoping the opening episode of Series 6 finally put us out of our misery and answers this one.

More Violet & Isobel: Let's face it, any scene with those two has been pure gold over the last five years, so I want another healthy quotient of Violet and Isobel firing off one liners at each other during the last series. Then again, who doesn't, right?

A Wedding: Carson and Mrs Hughes anyone? As well as whoever ends up with Mary. One as an opening episode event and the other during Christmas 2015. This show does love a good old wedding after all.

Thomas's Love Life: Or disturbing lack of one would be more apt. In five series, he's had one closeted relationship which ended in the first episode, tried it on with Jimmy with near disastrous consequences and of course, there was that conversion story line in the last series when he hasn't been scheming and pissing people off. All in all, it's time for the show to actually give the bloke a healthy relationship with someone but at the same time without diluting his personality, but also at the same time show that he's evolved as a character. In other words, pair him up with Andy please, who is coming back for the sixth series.

Edith's A Mother: Well, she has been since Christmas 2013, so can we cut out the rubbish and have everyone else become privy to the fact that Marigold is her daughter and not her ward because if even the usually not perceptive Robert can figure it out, I can't see how everyone else hasn't worked it out by now.

The Last Episode: Like Christmas 2011 and 2014, the 2015 Christmas special actually should incorporate Christmas in some capacity (beginning or end of the episode) as well as a little bit of a flashforward/update on what has or will happen to the main characters in the future (aside from death of course).

Now those are some of the things I think should happen during the last series of Downton Abbey. What do you think should happen?

Press Release:

Series 6 of Downton Abbey is currently being filmed and will air on ITV from September.

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