Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My Review of Gotham's 1x18: "Everyone Has A Cobblepot"

Written by Megan Mostyn-Brown
Directed by Bill Eagles

Bullock (to Gordon): “Everyone has a Cobblepot.”

Oh, yes, they certainly do and it was a good theme for this episode. Gordon probably hoped he was done with Oswald from three episodes ago but now, it seems like nothing short of death won’t be able to shift the future Penguin away from him in the immediate future.

Gotham and corruption have been going hand in hand since well, ever, in every Batman incarnation going and this episode saw Gordon and Harvey Dent (remember him?) team up in a bid to take down Commissioner Loeb by tracking down his old partner but it seems that Dent isn’t the great of help and Gordon only truly managed to get results when Bullock and Oswald were at the ready to help him out.

I liked that this episode saw a road trip between the three (even if Dent was quickly dispatched with) and I really loved the wintry/snowy background, coupled with the creepiest cabin/house and a bunch of OAP assassins/bodyguards at the ready as our unlikely trio discovered Loeb’s own little weakness as well.

Loeb isn’t one of those characters I’m greatly fascinated by but the idea of him keeping his mentally unwell daughter Miriam in seclusion after she killed Mrs Loeb was actually a good twist and briefly gave Loeb a bit of sympathy as well. Miriam is also a character so delightfully quirky that I couldn’t help being reminded of Gertrud Kapelput as well. Also the moment where Miriam clapped eyes on Oswald was something purely priceless as well.

Speaking of Oswald, this was a more interesting episode for him than the last few have been. Not only does he now have Gordon owing him a favour but he got some files and took great pleasure in killing off both the assassin OAPs towards the end of the episode as well. He still might be having trouble running a nightclub handed to him but this was definitely a better week for his character nonetheless.

It was also better for Gordon too. Sure, he kind of compromised his morality but he managed to put Loeb in his place and also stole the president of policemen from the unfairly reinstated Flass as well, even if it did result in a grim warning from Bullock in the process.

Also better was Fish. Not only did she get a brand new non matching eye from Dulmacher but she even managed to ascend to the ranks of his management by passing his tests and learning pretty sharpish that she was trapped on an island with the mad doctor and her former underground crew.

While the story is a bit too seperate from the main plots, it’s still a good side plot and has done Fish wonders, character wise. Technically she didn’t break her promise to her former prisoners crew because she did say not all of them would make it out of their prison alive but at the same time, I was a little disappointed to see her give up the right hand man she had adopted when she was down there. That said, interesting as this plot is, Fish eventually does have to get off that island and return to Gotham though.

Also in “”Everyone Has A Cobblepot”

I’m not surprised that Alfred wouldn’t tell Gordon about Reggie stabbing him. I say Alfred will dish out his own brand of justice on his former friend.

Fish: “I’ve gone to great lengths to meet you, doctor.”
Dulmacher: “Indeed you have.”

The fate of Dulmacher’s previous right hand man was more amusing than scary. There’s no doubting that Dulmacher is a sadist of the highest order.

Flass (to Gordon): “I’m like the phoenix. I’ll just rise again and again and again.”

Dulmacher (to Fish): “When do you stop being you and become someone new? That’s what fascinates me.”

Nygma got his own heart crushed this week as Kringle revealed she was seeing a cop named Tom, who didn’t seem to mind Edward’s riddles.

Gordon: “Thanks for stopping.”
Bullock: “I’ve got enough on my conscience.”

Oswald: “Five minutes with the files and a favour from Jim Gordon? Done! So who’s up for a road trip?”

We got a brief scene at the hospital with Bruce and Selina this week. Ivy stealing food from the hospital is actually pretty smart.

Bullock (to Oswald): “You know the last time the three of us took a ride, you were in the trunk. I liked that better.”

Tom: “Riddle man, next time I’m gonna stump ya.”
Nygma: “Yeah, next time.”

With Alfred being wounded, surely this would’ve been a great episode to have brought back Montoya and Allen?

Fish (to Dulmacher): “Hope is a carrot dangled in front of the desperate.”

Chronology: Not long from “Red Hood”.

Not the strongest of episodes but a solid one to sort of end things. “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” certainly lived up to it’s title and there was some nice set up for the last run of episodes when the show returns next month.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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