Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Arrow/The Flash - New Spin-Off In The Works

You'd think with both Arrow and The Flash, upcoming animated spin-off Vixen and of course Supergirl for CBS (blog on that tomorrow) this lot would have enough on their plate, but nope, it seems another spin-off starring four very familiar recurring/guest actors is in the works, courtesy of the CW and Warner Brothers.

First of all, there's Caity Lotz, who out of the four confirmed actors is certainly the most interesting. We've already seen her character Sara Lance/the Canary murdered in the third season opening episode of Arrow and her death has had several consequences and direction shifts for certain characters and the show in general. Do the writer plan to resurrect Sara or will Lotz be playing a different character altogether? You know what, while I totally accept Laurel as the new Canary, I actually want Sara back properly too.

Then there's Brandon Routh. He's been a good addition to the main show's third season as Ray Palmer and recent episodes have been pushing him closer to becoming the Atom as well. I have to admit the idea of him being in a spin-off that he's not leading strictly might be the best way of continuing the character as I can't see him and Oliver really working together and the whole thing with Felicity is pretty doomed anyways.

Also confirmed has been Victor Garber. The former Alias actor has recently popped on The Flash as the other half of Firestorm - Martin Stein. I can only assume that if Garber is going to be a part of this show (and he's a fantastic addition), that the first half of Firestorm - Ronnie Raymond, played by Robbie Amell will also be showing up in this propose spin-off though that has not been confirmed by the producers.

Last to be confirmed for this potential spin-off has been Wentworth Miller. The former Prison Break actor has been recurring on The Flash as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold but given that this show is sounding like a Justice League type of series (without actually being it really), I'm not sure where Snart would fit in? Unless he's being set up as a recurring nuisance for them or a grudging ally. Either way, I'm pretty stoked for this show even if there is the slight concern with all of these shows on the go that the writers could be spreading themselves a little thinly.

Arrow/Flash Spin-Off News:

I'll post more details on this spin-off as they're made available.

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