Friday, October 23, 2015

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Hotel - Mommy

And this week, we've got the issue of mother and sons, lovers scorned and a case of the waiting game with a new alliance.

Written by James Wong
Directed by Bradley Buecker

Willing Plaything: Is it me or Will something of a submissive? In this episode alone he let both Tristan (whom he shown initial disdain for) and the Countess have their way with him before both of them elected not to 'satisfy' him. Seriously though, with the exception of the Lowes, he's the closest to a normal character on the show, even if his purpose to become an eventual husband and corpse so that the Countess can regain her fortune/the Cortez. Is it bad that I really want Will not to die, not to become a vampire and spend more time copping off with blokes than becoming the Countess's next love slave/victim? Chances of me getting any of those things are probably not high though. Sigh.

The Junkie & The Detective: Ugh, the idea of a tryst between John and Sally is not something I'm particularly interested in watching. I do love that Paulson is playing a thoroughly horrible character this season and when she wasn't needling John about Commandments (that killer struck again with a gossip owner), she was also attempting to seduce him in the lift with the Addiction Demon nearby. I did like that John didn't cave in - mainly because of his obsession with trying to crack the Commandments Killer and trying to repair his ailing marriage. Speaking of ....

Mommy Dearest: One of the two (possibly three) mommy centred plots this week revolved around Alex admitting that she cared more for Holden than she's ever done for John or Scarlett and when she wasn't serving divorce papers to John or being her usual cold and distant self, she actually spotted Holden in the hotel herself. Aside from the fact that her and John really do owe Scarlett a massive apology, I'm just relieved that this storyline won't be dragged out either.

Ungrateful Son: The other mother/son story of the week revolved around Donovan and Iris were sympathy was afforded to the latter as the former really came across as a spoiled little shit until Liz Taylor actually talked some sense into him. However it was a little too late as Iris convinced Sally to give her an overdose of drugs, forcing Donovan into breaking one of the Countess's cardinal rules as he decided to make the mother he openly hates into a vampire. We're three episodes in and so far only three of the main and recurring cast have not become vampires, murdering ghosts or others. How long before one of these fates befall Will, John or Alex?

Foxy Mama: The first two episodes might have lacked Angela Bassett but this episode more than made up for it with possibly her best role on the show yet. Not only is Ramona Royale the scorned ex lover of the Countess who wants to team up with Donovan to hurt the former's vampiric kids but in the 1970s she was also an actress starring in some kickass movies and she is too also was made by the Countess who broke up with her when Ramona made her own vampire. Bassett might not have had loads of scenes in the episode but every single one she appeared in was a pure gem and I can't wait to see where else the show will go with Ramona. In other news, Gabriel took out Claudia and the murdering March spent most of his time being oddly confused by Tristan's use of the word "google" and "high five".

Next week it's Halloween and John gets to spend time with Mr March, Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer to name a few.

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