Friday, October 30, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x06: Two Birds, One Millstone

And this week, we got some more revelations, including a potentially unpleasant one with one of the Keating Five and one of the more sensible characters making an error too.

Written by Mike Foley
Directed by Mike Listo

Trotters Revealed: Or is it. Thanks to Sinclair, who felt rather spiteful this week, we and Bonnie know that Tiffany was gang raped and somehow Asher has a role in it. Personally I will really be shocked if it turns out that Asher is a rapist but I have a feeling it's going to revealed that Asher have known about Tiffany's attack and was pressured into keeping his mouth shut. Either way, it's not good and Bonnie herself looked shaken by the news as well. However it does explain why Asher has been so anxious this season and it gives him possible motive for later killing Sinclair as well. It should also be noted that we didn't see anything of him in the flash forwards as well.

Lady Killer: On the other hand, the flash forwards did have a lot of focus on Frank, who seemed pretty freaked out over Annalise getting shot. Oddly enough, I like seeing Frank panic a bit. He's often too cool for his own good, so having a moment here where he genuinely panicked was a nice change of pace. When he wasn't worried about his boss being a corpse, he was also disposing of Catherine's body in the forest. Except unlike Lila and Rebecca, this episode ended with informing us that Catherine was very much alive. In the present though he was mostly having sex with Laurel, introducing her to his chaotic family when he wasn't giving Wes the side eye as well.

Trusting Women: So Wes has issues with women. I thought that was pretty obvious but this episode seemed more keen on drilling that fact in a bit more in case audiences hadn't picked up on it beforehand. His obsession with Rebecca being dead continues to piss off the rest of his classmates, we got a tiny bit of an insight into his relationship. Then there's his ongoing issues with Annalise which are inevitably going to worsen when he realises that yet again, she's lying to him about Rebecca. Oh dear.

Watching Him Watching You: You know what, I have to say - if this show kills off Oliver, it will hit me hard. I absolutely adore the guy and outside of the two main LGBT couples in Sense8, Connor/Oliver are the best LGBT couple on television at the moment and every time they're given a scene together, it's an automatic highlight. This week we learned that Catherine/Caleb's racist aunt had a son named Philip she gave up for adoption. Oliver decided to do some more research on the guy and Connor freaked out for good cause - Philip is now watching the pair of them. Seriously writers, don't kill off Oliver. That guy is too adorable (and hot) to die.

The Wife Did It: In less than two seasons, this show has handled LGBT issues and characters in a way that other shows should pay attention to and with this episode, we were introduced to a trans character named Jill who killed her abusive husband in self defence and who was also revealed into having a prior history with Annalise. The case was fairly straightforward compared to some past ones and I really enjoyed the rapport between Jill and Annalise as they bonded over terrible husbands and secret lives. Another plot in this episode also included the offscreen death of Nate's wife and the growing anger he's developing towards Annalise.

Next week, Eve's back (yay) Sinclair and Annalise go at it and Laurel and Frank's not so secret relationship is known to more people.

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