Saturday, October 03, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x02: She's Dying

So, we're two episodes into the new season and it really does look like a sophomore slump with How To Get Away With Murder ain't going to be happening any time soon. This was another shocker of an episode.

Written by Erika Green Swafford
Directed by Rob Hardy

The Other Body: Oh, Sinclair. The last few episodes she was a little pain in the backside and in this episode alone, she became a full blown irritation as she conspired to make it look like Annalise and Nate both killed Sam during the trial scenes (Eve also helped there) and when it backfired on her with Nate being released, Sinclair managed to get herself on the case against the 'murdering' kids. However as we saw in flash forwards, not only was Annalise shot at that house and bleeding out, but so was Sinclair and unlike Annalise, it looks like she's definitely dead there. Oh and once again, Connor, Michaela and Wes are there. Asher will also be out of the murder scenes, won't he? As for the shooter - I don't want it be Eve but I'm not ruling her out though.

Running Away: I have to give this show massive props for the way they're writing Annalise and Eve's relationship. I always get a little wary when shows do this because sometimes it feels like it's done for ratings but here, the connection between Annalise and Eve definitely feels real. Yes, Eve might have done a little projection during the trial stuff but there's definitely love between her and Annalise and now that Nate's aware of their true connection, I can't imagine things are going to pan out well. Is it really too much to hope that Eve is not Annalise's shooter?

The Puppy & The Lost Girl: When this episode wasn't hammering home both Wes and Bonnie's worser qualities by others, it did play on their sneakier sides too, in particular with the way it dealt with the 'killer' kids, Caleb and Catherine but it also had other interesting moments with them. For example, we discovered through Wes that Levi is connected to Rebecca as well as being Michaela's new squeeze (so he's 'Eggs' then) while there was some hints of Annalise saving/damaging Bonnie depending on what perspective you want to agree with. Fortunately there's going to be an upcoming episode that will finally delve into Bonnie's past and it's certainly about time.

Blabbermouth Boys: In this episode alone, both Connor and Asher royally put their foot in with the way Oliver's HIV became public knowledge to the rest of the Keating Five. I think Oliver had every right to express his annoyance and while I do sometimes find Asher's goofiness amusing, he came across as a total plank during that scene with Oliver. I do like however that in spite of hiccups, both Oliver and Connor are still more solid as a couple though.

No Gigolo: I have to admit to being a tad confused where the show is supposed to be going with Frank and Laurel? Is it meant to be casual? Is it meant to be something more meaningful? Also what happened to Laurel's boyfriend from last season? Isn't it also a bit rich of Frank taking cheap shots at Laurel for covering one murder when he committed one as well? I do like Frank as a character but he is a tad hypocritical (even with his confrontation with Bonnie over Rebecca) but him and Laurel continue not to do a lot more for me as a pairing though.

Next week, sex is everything when it comes to the legal system and someone breaks into Annalise's place.

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