Saturday, October 24, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x05: Meet Bonnie

With the character named in this episode, some new information on a particular player surfaced as further chaos and mistrust happened between the main players this week.

Written by Sarah L. Thompson
Directed by Stephen Cragg

Making A Statement: As we learned in flashbacks, it seems that Asher and Bonnie also had roles in the night of Annalise's shooting and Sinclair's death. In the present day, Asher was struggling with protecting Bonnie's 'secret', until Annalise dove into the situation to ensure his silence. Back to the flashbacks though, we saw Bonnie cleaning blood off herself while Asher went to the police to make a confession. Now I don't know what he's about to confess to but I'm glad that Asher has a role in this season's murder storyline.

The Woman Of The Hour: Well, the episode was named after Bonnie and her desperation to keep Asher sweet and protect Annalise was the main focus of this whole episode. I was hoping that we'd have gotten more of a backstory for Bonnie though than the brief moment where Annalise showed Asher some genuinely unsettling footage. It kind of explains why Bonnie might be devoted to Annalise but I do hope there's more insight and scope to come with the character over the next few weeks.

Bye Levi: How do you solve an obstacle (or asset?) like Levi? Um, you frame him for drugs if you're Annalise and Frank and then watch as Connor, Michaela and Laurel get rightly pissed off when they learn that Levi and Wes have been working together and the former is Rebecca's foster brother. Actually between Connor's growing antagonism towards Annalise and the rest of the Keating lot fearful of what Asher knows and their growing mistrust of Wes, I'll be surprised if they don't all try to kill each other before this season actually ends.

Day Drinking, Hacking, Orgies And Inflammatory Videos: Keeping with the Keating lot, some progress was made with Caleb and Catherine's case which involved a video of their dead aunt proving herself to be a racist old bat. Which should've helped them but it seems that Sinclair and the judge were quick to dismiss the potential evidence of the siblings due to the way they thought Annalise acquired the damning video. Then we had moments of Connor getting drunk at work, suggesting an orgy with the rest of the Keating lot when Oliver himself wasn't wondering he isn't being paid for the amount of hacking he's done on Annalise's behalf.

Frankly Clever: Frank showed off how clever he was this week with the long game he played with both Wes and Levi and how the latter got arrested while at the same time providing back up for both Bonnie and Annalise while also getting cosy with Laurel down the basement. Other than that, we also had some other choice moments such as Sinclair scolding Asher on morality and murder as well as Nate fessing up to Annalise that the kids think she killed Rebecca to boot.

Next week, everyone's getting fired.

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