Thursday, March 25, 2010

All This For A Mattress?

Okay, so South Park aren't renowned for their intelligent insight into the world of celebrity scandal. Their style of lampooning is crass to say the least but even I got a kick out of the recent episode where Tiger Woods sex addiction was royally taken the piss out of. Yeah, so there was too much emphasis on Butters obsession with a certain lady bit and the idea of aliens being responsible for men's growing sex addiction was silly. Still made for an entertaining 30 minutes though.

There are ways to end a generation of kids stories on Skins but the way chosen for the second batch left a bad taste in my mouth. Is it me or have the finales on this show gotten worse since the first one (which was excellent)? Last season's Cook-centred bore fest almost seemed better by comparison. Okay, Emily and Naomi made up and I could be less bothered with Thomas and Pandora but Cook found out that Effy's nutter of a shrink killed Freddie and the bloody thing ends, failing to detail whether or not nutty shrink bumped off Cook or got his just desserts. Thanks a bloody lot!

It's been a while since I've watched Family Guy and I know the episode I'm highlighting isn't recent but damn it, it's actually made me like Lauren Conrad a bit. Much as I despise The Hills and the idiots on that fecking show, at least Lauren had enough humour to allow the show to send her up in a way. Too bad that her brief fling with Brian ended up giving her worms. And Peter stooped a new low by killing Quagmire's cat. I'm recovering from the fact that a dog got killed in the new Lady Gaga video, I didn't need to see that.

I've caught up with recent episodes of Glee and yeah, I'm still here, I still like it. I'm not a Gleek but I have no disdain for the series either. That being said, I'm finding myself sympathising with characters like Terri and Sue more than the likes of Will, Rachel or Finn and I like Quinn and Puck all the more as the series has progressed. More interersting stuff than the race to the Sectionals has been the Mattress ad, seeing Sue's sister, the episode where they did the routine on wheelchairs and Artie and Tina's dynamic.

Another show I've caught up with - Grey's Anatomy. Do I miss the missing Izzie? Er, no, actually I don't. I also could do without seeing the Chief that much either or yet another triangle, even if it is with Christina/Owen/Teddy or Mark's somewhat annoying kid. I did however love seeing Miranda giving her father what for when he made the mistake to criticise her over the Christmas dinner table. And anything involving Callie and Arizona is better than most of the straight relationships on this show.

- Jennifer Beals has landed the lead on FOX drama, Ride Along.
- The next season of The Hills will be it's last. Thank fuck for that.
- There will some deaths in the season finale of Desperate Housewives. Also, expect another on screen appearance for Mary Alice in an upcoming episode.
- Matt Smith will be on Jonathan Ross tomorrow night on BBC1. The BBC have also revamped their website for the new series of Doctor Who.
- Katherine Heigl is leaving Grey's Anatomy this season, which makes me wonder why the writers just didn't kill Izzie off last year given that she's had naff all to do this year.
- The series finale of Lost will be called The End, according the series producers.


Nat said...

The skins writers seem to have lost their mojo when it comes to finale episodes.

The Wheels episode of Glee is my favourite I think, caught a bit of it on re-run (I know right re-runs already?!) today. I still love the Sue storyline with her sister, so endearing.

Haven't seen the Grey's episode as Living is having a Most Haunted special. Just great. Really annoyed as it after this episode that there's a natural break in the show :(

I think the writers were right not to kill of Izzie last year, two major deaths would've been too much for fans and characters alike. Don't get me wrong though, I'm thrilled she's gone. Both Heigl and the writers have turned Izzie into a not very nice person.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I didn't know about Living holding off on Grey's Anatomy but typical I guess. Izzie has become rather insufferable over the last couple of seasons.

Skins needs to pull it's socks up with the upcoming third generation and to actually come up with satisfying finales.

Glee is getting good and I do like the story with Sue and her sister more than other plots. Sue is great.