Thursday, March 18, 2010

And The Promotional Swing Kicks In (Doctor Who Season 5 Launch/Spoilers)

And it's that time again. Series 5 is coming, people.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at today's press launch for the series, where the former was interviewed by Lizo Mzimba, who got as much information from Matt as he possibly could. You can watch the interview here
Naturally because of the launch for the new series, Lizo has a review for the first episode and it's a pretty positive one from the sounds of it, though he noted that the episode was complex as well. And if you had any doubt that the little girl Eleven was talking to was Amy, well, just watch the interview with Matt and you'll find out (there is a clip of the first scene). Plus, it's been confirmed that Amy is in fact a kissogram. So much for my hope of her being a cop.
Review for The Eleventh Hour:

It also seems that another foe as well as the Daleks are returning and I couldn't be more delighted. And Karen Gillan has recently described Amy as promiscuous. I wonder how that it'll go down with certain viewers.

Another Interview With Matt/Karen:

Oh and you can expect both a Christmas 2010 special and a sixth season as well. Like there was any doubt. Also Red Button people can see a preview of The Eleventh Hour from Wednesday, March 24th at 6 am.

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