Monday, March 08, 2010

Strike A Pose (Doctor Who Season 5 Spoilers/Cast Magazine Posing)

Blimey, sometime you go weeks without Who spoilers and then others, you're inundated with them (as well as other goodies).

Matt Smith poses for several photographs for the latest issue of Esquire magazine as he discusses his role as the new Doctor and his former football aspirations. The issue is currently out since last Thursday.
Karen Gillan herself also posed for several shots in the latest issue of InStyle magazine as well, discussing her modelling career, fashion faux paus and her desire to do Porno. The sequel to Trainspotting, not the other thing, people.

Both scans of these interviews can be found on the LJ comm [info]doctoreleven

Aww, the Doctor and Amy are seperated for a good part of episode 11 (still no official title for it) and she brings him a fish. Er, okay. He seems more enthused to take it than she does holding it to be honest.
The Doctor and Craig (James Corden) with more food. Blimey, along with football in this episode, there looks to be a fair chunk of eating as well. Unlike some of the posters on Digital Spy, I'll give Corden a chance because if I can survive an episode with Peter Kay, James can't be that bad.

The Doctor, Craig and Sophie (Daisy Haggard). When this scene was being filmed, the three of them exited the house after an explosion. We also still don't know who or what the alien force is in in this episode.
The Doctor plays football for Craig's team and he's bloody good. Well, Matt did want to be a footballer before becoming an actor. His shirt also has '11' on the back as well, which is nice.

Meanwhile, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are going on tour to promote the new series in various towns. From Digital Spy:

Doctor Who will begin a UK tour later this month, it has been announced.

The three-day jaunt will introduce Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and his companion Karen Gillan to fans and will screen a regional premiere of episode one of the new series, titled 'The Eleventh Hour'.

Smith and Gillan will begin their tour on Monday, March 29 in Belfast before travelling to Inverness and Sutherland via a specially themed Who bus the following day. Salford and Northampton are scheduled for Wednesday, March 31.

"This is a great opportunity for the new Doctor and his companion to interface directly with the people who matter most to Doctor Who: the fans," said executive producer Piers Wenger.

"The chance to visit them in their hometowns will ensure that the Eleventh Doctor’s maiden voyage is an utterly magical one."

Following the tour, the BBC will also hold events at selected BBC Big Screens across the UK, beginning on April 1.

Doctor Playing Foootball:


Mark Greig said...

Sutherland?!!! I'll let that one slide because I'm too excited Matt and Karen are coming to my home town.

shawnlunn2002 said...

You're lucky. The nearest to me out of that tour is Belfast. Brilliant that Matt and Karen are doing the promotional circuit but it also means that The Eleventh Hour spoilers are gonna come thick and fast days before the episodes airs on BBC1.