Monday, March 22, 2010

My Top 50 Doctor Who Stories Part 6

And we're onto Part 6.

21: Mindwarp (6th Doctor)

The only story from The Trial Of The Time Lord season that made it onto this list, mainly because it's the most traumatic one of the bunch. It's a little hard not to feel sorry for Peri, given the horrible fate bestowed upon her here. Even if it is retconned two stories later.

22: The Tomb Of The Cybermen (2nd Doctor)

Nowadays known as the favourite story of Matt Smith's. Well, that and the fact that as Cybermen stories go, it's bloody brilliant in every respect. Plus that conversation about family that the Doctor has with Victoria is something poignant.

23: The Daleks (1st Doctor)

I think if I had been a producer back in 1963, I would've made this one a four parter rather than the seven parter it was. However, it's a terrific debut for the Daleks and it's enough to see why 47 years later, they're still giving the Doctor the utmost of grief.

24: The Daemons (3rd Doctor)

One of the strangest stories involving the Master trying to use Azal for his own gains and yet again failing with that. This was a season that kept using the Master frequently and storyline wise, this was one of the strongest uses for him.

25: Castrovalva (5th Doctor)

Another strange Master related story, this one had him largely taking care of the Fifth Doctor in his vulnerable state while holding Adric prisoner as well. Plus there were some interesting references to past companions with this one. That seemed to become a recurring them as Six did that with Peri as well.

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