Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magazine Covers And Detailed Spoilers For Season 5 Of Doctor Who

Four days to go and here are the magazines covering the return of Doctor Who. Warning: spoilers.

Radio Times - gotta love them. The cover has a new picture of the Doctor and Amy Pond and you get to see the inside of the TARDIS for the first time. I like it but the lack of a railing makes me hope our TARDIS duo don't have too many crashes. Interesting nuggets also included Matt Smith admitting he wrote fanfiction with the Doctor and Einstein to help him with the role. I can think of a certain episode for Season 6 now.

Gay Times - apparently Matt Smith is the first actor to play the Doctor to be on the cover of a gay publication. The issue came out last week and the coverage in twelve pages was brilliant. Every main player for the new series was interviewed and while there weren't any big spoilers (except maybe for the character of Rory - thanks Arthur Darvill), it was still a worthy issue.

Issue 420 of DWM comes out on April 1st and there are some new interviews with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan to behold as well as previews for the first five episodes. You've also got the option of two covers. Which one to snag is up to you but I think I'll go for the Matt one.

Then again, the one with Karen Gillan does look lovely as well. Oh, it doesn't matter as long as get some more spoilers and covers for the first series of 11th Doctor/Amy Pond books that are due out in April.

Matt and Karen were in Belfast yesterday to promote the new series (the kids loved it) and there was an interview with them on Radio Ulster. Sadly the female presenter kept mistaking Karen for Amy throughout the interview and that recurring question of 'what if there was a female Doctor?' popped up again. Is every companion from now gonna get asked that question? Other places that Matt and Karen's tour will take this is Iverness, Sutherland, Salford and Northampton between today and tomorrow. Matt also did an interview for Chris Moyles as well.

Some recent promotional pictures from the BBC Doctor Who site in regards to the arrival of the new series. The site has a series of different videos and preview clips as well as some character files and an archive for the RTD era and the Classic Series as well.

As for an episode guide for the new series, here goes nothing ...

5x01: The Eleventh Hour - Introduces the Doctor and Amy as they team up to save the world from the Atraxi, who are in pursuit of Prisoner Zero by any means neccessary.

5x02: The Beast Below - Doctor/Amy in the far future as the British people are amongst the stars. A masked lady wants the Doctor's help and Amy discovers a terrible secret that no-one else can remember.

5x03: Victory Of The Daleks - WW2 based where the Doctor and Amy discover that the Daleks are being used by Churchill or do they have their own plan? The Doctor needs Churchill's help to stop them.

5x04/5x05: The Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone - A crashed spaceship, shattered temple and a climb to the maze of the dead. Weeping Angels are on the loose of the ruins of the Alfava Metraxis and River needs the Doctor's help. Amy also discovers something worse than just not looking at the Weeping Angels as well.

5x06: Vampires In Venice - First episode to add Rory as a companion and based in Venice where the House of Calverri has the city in lockdown. Also some slightly creepy girls with an aversion to sunlight.

5x07: Amy's Choice - Five years after her travels with the Doctor ended, Amy is reunited with him and on the eve of the birth of her first child, she's faced with a heartbreaking choice.

5x08/5x09 - 2015 and Dr Nashreen Chaudhry's team are drilling down to the Earth's crust but Amy realises that you can't trust the ground beneath your feet.

5x10 - Terror lurks in the cornfields of Provence and the Doctor and Amy team up with Vincent Van Gogh to take on the threat in question.

5x11 - The Doctor's forced to live in Aickman Road for a week and help solve the problem of a sinister force of a staircase that people walk up but never come down in. The one where he plays football.

5x12/5x13 - A message on the oldest cliff face in the universe, a puzzle box opening from the inside and a love that lasts a thousand years - the fates are drawing close around the TARDIS - is this the day the Doctor falls?

Guest stars this season include Arthur Darvill, Annette Crosbie, Olivia Coleman, Nina Wadia, Sophie Okenedo, Terrence Hardiman, Ian McNiece, Bill Patterson, Alex Kingston, Iain Glen, Helen McCrory, Toby Jones, Meera Syal, Stephen Moore, Neve McIntosh, Tony Curran, Bill Nighy, James Corden, Daisy Haggard and Melanie Walters.

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