Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Night All My Dreams Came True (Doctor Who Season 5 Trailer 3)

Amy: When I was a little girl, I dreamed of time and space. Last night all my dreams came true.

Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) hangs in the air as the third trailer has finally been released. Expect it to air on BBC1 during the weekend. There's no denying that this season is getting more and more intriguing by the second. And Matt Smith certainly showed that he commands authority as the Doctor in this one too. The Doctor (Matt Smith) is seen grabbing onto Amy's ankle and it looks like he fancies his new girlfriend, I mean companion. Oh, come on, it's getting ridiculously impossible not to ship these two, especially given that Karen made some comments about Rory (and I like him, but he's sounding like Mickey as well).

We know the Daleks are in the third episode of the season, have since August but they really do look quiute battered in this one. Even more so when the Doctor attacks one of them. I hope Mark Gatiss can do something amazing with the Daleks. Though I suspect that they'll be in the finale as well as this lot ...

The advantage of hanging out on GallifreyBase is that you end up knowing certain things in advance. Last month, I heard rumours about the Cybermen and now we see Amy defending herself with fire against one of them in the trailer. They too look a bit battered, don't you think?

The firs proper look of the new console for the fifth season. The TARDIS is about three times the size it's usually seen on screen (we even see a swing - check the first trailer if you don't believe). It's somewhat reminiscent of Paul McGann's TARDIS and that's not a bad thing.

Dog fights in space. There's been rumours in the past that RTD wanted to do that in past series but never got around to it. Clearly Steven Moffat has managed to find a way around that. I think it's Dalek ships there though.

Amy finds herself roped in by something unknown. What else is new? Stonehenge, Roman Centurions, the Doctor on horseback, Van Gogh (who we didn't see in the trailer), Silurians (another no show) and there was rumour of a Sontaran as well. Plus River appears for a nanosecond in this one as well. So remember people, April 3rd, 6.25pm on BBC1.

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