Friday, March 26, 2010

Ashes To Ashes - Sports Relief/Season 3 Preview - Spoilers

April 2010 - Not one but two time travelling dramas. TARDIS travels are fun but so is watching a certain someone being stuck in 1983.

First off all, last week's Sport Relief segment to contend with ....

Not a huge fan of canned laughter and it certainly didn't help with the sketch, which was otherwise amusing. Spot all the cameos if you can and see how appreciative of a sporting figure Ray really is as well.

Sports Relief:

Gene (to Alex): Do you know I missed you but now that you're back, I'm getting all annoyed again?

The trailer for the new season aired last Friday and all the TV Guides this week have been plastering both Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes all over the covers. Not that I'm complaining. Nice to see quality TV being pimped instead of the usual overflated drivel. And Glenister's comments on Simon Cowell are a little too spot on but that's a seperate issue.

Gene Hunt with Jim Keats (Daniel Mays). The latter is a prominent character in the third season and seems hell bent on putting Gene in his place. He's gonna need a lot of luck to pull that one off. I sense a bruise free groin slap coming his direction.

Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster) poses for a shot. I'm not too sure what's gonna happen with him this year. Do him and Shaz tie the knot? Here's hoping.

Shaz Granger (Montesserat Lombard) - Her hair seems to keep growing every season and there's the hint that her, Chris and Ray will discover some truths about themselves along with Alex and Gene.
Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) has gone from a character I previously couldn't stand to being quite sympathetic and endearing in this series.

And with the trailer, we saw Sam's file. Is it too much to even fanwank that John Simm could pop in the series? Should he? After all, while it would be nice to have real closure on Sam, this is Alex's story and she has to be of more importance than Sam to be fair. Matthew Graham said a lot of the loose ends will be resolved but not everything will be neatly resolved. Season 3 starts April 2nd 9pm on BBC1.



SonataFanatica said...

That photo of Gene holding Alex which looks a bit like the DVD cover of series 3 - where did you get that? Is there a bigger version of it somewhere? Cause I'd love to print it on a t-shirt! :)

shawnlunn2002 said...

I think I got it on a Facebook for A2A and as far as I know, I'm not sure if there's a bigger one but if I see one, I'll point you in the right direction.