Sunday, March 21, 2010

BBC America Trailer (Doctor Who Season 5 Spoilers)

The Doctor (to Amy): All of time and space. All that ever happened and ever will. Where do you want to start?

Same start with Amy outside the TARDIS and the Doctor holding onto her that we got with the third trailer on Friday but it's still good though.

Amy Pond investigates the Doctor and due to a recent rumour, it could be that her time with the Doctor goes into the sixth series as well. Awesome if true (oh let it be true).

The Doctor's expelling something - Time Lord energy but why? And in what episode? I don't recognise it. Wait, it looks like it's from The Eleventh Hour.

Amy's hugging the Doctor, she's in her jim-jams. This one I can guess as being from The Beast Below. A little reminder of the Doctor/Donna hugging from Midnight as well.

There's a masked lady - Sophie Okenedo's character? Maybe but going back to the first trailer released, it could be from the second two parter of the season. Very high possibility.

The Doctor is clearly lousy at hide and seek. That Dalek is totally gonna find him. More clips in the trailer show the attack on the Dalek as aggressive. I shouldn't condone violence but atta boy, Doctor.
The infamous gun shot comes from the River Song/Weeping Angels two parter if you look at the trailer carefully. River works the military look well though, doesn't she?

BBC America Trailer:

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