Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Being Human - Season 3 Episode Titles (Contains Spoilers)

Well, there's four days to go for Being Human UK to hit BBC3 and in an odd thing, we're actually getting episode titles for the episodes this season. Brilliant as that is, why now? I'm not complaining because after watching the US version today (a blog will surface on that later in the week), my excitement is further stoked for the UK version all the more and the title are interesting too ...

Ep 1: Lia - Toby Whithouse
Ep 2: Adam's Family - Brian Dooley
Ep 3: Type 4 - Jamie Mathieson
Ep 4: The Pack - John Jackson
Ep 5: The Longest Day - Sarah Phelps
Ep 6: Daddy Ghoul - Lisa McGee
Ep 7: Though the Heavens Fall - Toby Whithouse
Ep 8: ????????? - Toby Whithouse

Season 3 Trailer 2:

Being Human airs Sundays at 9pm from January 23rd on BBC3.

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