Friday, January 14, 2011

Best Casting Ever - Doctor Who/Torchwood Spoilers

Um, excitement for both Doctor Who and Torchwood's upcoming seasons is reaching fever pitch right now, especially with casting for the latter ....

DWM Issue 430 have given us these little nuggets in relation to Season 6 ....

- Mark Gatiss's episodes has been pushed from episode 4 to episode 9.
- Steve Thompson's episode will now be episode 3.
- Neil Gaiman's episode will be episode 4.

Recent set pictures for the opening two-parter have indicated that Rory too is covered in tally marks along with Amy and River, so I'm wondering if the Doctor gets infected at some point as well in that story.

Steven Moffat has also written several endings for episode 7 so that the plot isn't given away. With any luck, they'll all be filmed and included on a Series 6 DVD as well.

Episodes 3 and 7 are the episodes currently being filmed in the same block as well.

Karen Gillan has also said that Amy is "going to be involved in the most traumatic thing - like, emotionally traumatic. She's been quite guarded, and doesn't like to show vulnerability, but we're going to see that start to crack in a massive way".

It's also been hinted that it will be episode 7 that will be featuring Cybermen and that they will NOT be in Steve Thompson's episode after all. A poster on GallifreyBase has also suggested that the new-series Cybermen might be foot soldiers of an old-series officer class of Cybermen and that they will be scary, they won’t say “delete” or “upgrade” and they may look different.

Even better than that is that Torchwood have Six Feet Under actress, Lauren Ambrose in the role of PR girl, Jilly Kitzinger, who happens to be a 'sweet-talking PR genius with a heart of stone who's just concerned the most important client of her career..and maybe all of time'. As for the client - Oswald I presume but either way, I am so stoked to be seeing her on this show. Lauren will appear in seven out of the ten episodes for the new season as well.

Exciting times, yeah?

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