Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl - Season 4 Promotional Pictures

It's the final season of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and you can expect it to air Tuesdays at 10pm on ITV2 from February 1st. The spoilers aren't exactly jumping out at the place but it does seem if the promos are anything to go by that both Bambi and Byron are gone. The first pictures shows that Belle's torn between both Ben and a new guy called Harry (played by Paul Nicholls), who's a vice cop. Harry's rumoured to be in a few episodes this season.
The woman in the second picture with Harry, Belle and Ben is called Poppy (Lily James) and again, it does seem that she's a love interest for Ben and a quadrangle is afoot here. Not the most exciting of stories but after four seasons, I'll be genuinely surprised if Belle and Ben don't end up together because it's certainly been leading to that for quite some time now. Poppy is also the daughter of Madam Stephanie, who's spending this season in the slammer, leaving Belle to run her agency.

Trailer: http://www.itv.com/drama/contemporary/secretdiaryofacallgirl/

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Marathon Amy! said...

Lily is my bro's girlfriend and she is great! Everyone has to watch this on Tuesday!