Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skins US Character Profiles

So four days left until Skins US hits MTV and here are the comparisons/contrasts that the US version of Generation 1 have on their UK counterparts.

Not much differences here between Sid and Stanley or Anwar and Abbud. Even their character trailers give that impression.

Again little differwnces between both Chris's apart from hair but with Jal and Daisy, there are some. Daisy having a sister and working in a burger joint but both of them are still the sensible (not boring) ones from Generation 1.

I'm going to be controversial (or not) but I actually think Tea is a shit load more interesting than Maxxie. It seems like we really could have a fantastic lesbian character on our hands with her (to be honest, Tea's the biggest selling point for the US version for me) but it seems that Eura will be every bit as enigmatic/mute as Effy if her character is anything to go by.

I agree with the write ups here. US Tony seems far less nasty than the UK version but both Michelle's pretty much seem the same to me.

Cassie and Cadie, hmm? I loved Cassie and Cadie seems to be pretty likeable too from her trailer. The eating disorder isn't an arc for her but I'm sure something else will surface in it's place.

Character Trailers:

Skins US begins on MTV from January 17th at 10pm.

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