Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brothers And Sisters - Season 5 Premieres Tonight On More4

Okay, tonight is the return of Brothers And Sisters, which is now into it's fifth (and possibly) final season on More4 at 10pm. By next week, it'll be up against Skins, which is not good for them rating wise.
For some inane reason, ABC cannot be arsed into doing promotional shots so this largely photoshopped poster is the best we have for a Season 5 cast shot, I'm afraid. In terms of departures - Robert is gone with his death being a vocal point in opening episode, The Homecoming, Rebecca leaves in fourth episode, A Righteous Kiss and Holly even leaves by the 12th episode, Thanks For The Memories. Heck, even both Kitty and Luc are absent for various episodes in the season and Tommy resurfaces with a new girlfriend called Rose in the latter half of the season.

In terms of storylines, Kevin and Scotty are at a crossroads. They're barely coping with the loss of their baby and in Call Mom/An Ideal Husband, there's infidelity that's tackled. Adopting a young girl named Olivia has been a big thing in the last three episodes, particularly the 100th episode, Safe At Home. I'm mixed about these stories because Kevin and Scotty do need other storylines and if this show doesn't get a sixth year, then there's only so many episodes left for them to explore. Even though the writing is patchy for them this season, I'll take them over any other gay couple on TV.
As for Sarah and Luc, they're engaged and largely happy. Luc's underwear model is another way of writers telling us how sexy Gilles Marini is but ah, not for me. Luc actually is an okay character but the better storylines involve Justin getting everyone back to talking terms in the opener and even Holly's amnesia storyline isn't bad. Kitty's flings with both Jack and Seth are a distraction though but I do like Nora getting a radio gig and Saul also has a storyline with a character named Jonathan (Richard Chamberlain) in the Christmas episode, Cold Turkey.

With the 100th episode now aired in the US, the latter half of the season is gearing towards Justin meeting another war vet, Kevin/Scotty adopting Olivia, Sarah and Luc's engagement and mysteries surroundings both Nora and Kitty. The show's a mixed bag this season but regardless of it's fate, here's hoping it ends on a high, whether it's just a season finale or a series finale.

Brothers And Sisters Season 5 starts tonight on More4 at 10pm.

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