Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Skins US - More Cast Pictures/Interviews

It's gonna be another 12 days but the US Skins is gaining promotional momentum and here are some of the small bits.
A cast shot with the main characters - Chris, Daisy, Abbud, Tea, Tony, Michelle, Stanley, Cadie and Eura which doesn't look all that dissimilar to how the UK version cast members have posed several times in the last five years.
There's also an interview with Nylon magazine that gives off some spoilers. It seems that both Toby and Chris's episodes will be similar but others will differentiate themselves from what was done back in 2007 on E4. I'm still not overly sure but it looks decent and I actually wanna praise one of the actors for slagging off Gossip Girl in an interview linked below. The show begins on MTV from January 17th. No UK broadcaster has snagged it yet.

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