Monday, March 19, 2012

Doctor Who - Those Series 7 Companion Rumours

Back in January, one of the tabloids posted a rumour that Sophia Myles, aka Reinette from The Girl In The Fireplace was tipped to become the new companion, following some teasing banter on Twitter with the actress and showrunner, Steven Moffat. Initially, I paid no heed to those rumours but following more Tweets between Sophia and Arthur Darvill and the fact that she was in Spain at the same time (but not the same place apparently) as the Doctor Who crew when they were filming Toby Whithouse's episode, she’s being rumoured as the new companion again. Thinking on it more, it could be either of these possible scenarios …

a) Reinette could briefly return in an episode like Dickens did in The Wedding Of River Song.

b) Sophia will either play a companion whose a spatial genetic multiplicity of Reinette or unconnected to the famous mistress.

c) It’s nonsense and Sophia isn’t returning at all and Moffat and company have been playing us.

Either way, we’ll know soon enough, right? Here's hoping because until they actually confirm/announce the identity of the actor/actress playing the new companion, rumours like this one will persist. Personally I'd be open for Sophia Myles being the next companion more than Reinette returning (and I liked Reinette). What does everyone else think?

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