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My Review of Ringer's 1x16: "You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail"

Written by Jay Faerber And Cathryn Humphries
Directed by Joshua Butler

Malcolm: “Honestly I’m a little surprised you’re judging him so harshly, given your own situation.”
Bridget: “I had to pretend to be Siobhan. Now I can’t make things right. It’s exactly how Andrew is feeling. God, I’m such a hypocrite.”

Hmm, I don’t know if I like the idea of Andrew having something of a dark side after all. For Ioan Gruffudd, though, it’s probably a good thing given how passive he’s had to be for the majority of the season as Andrew but I guess I just wanted Andrew to be this nice, decent guy who loved his wife and wasn’t running terrible Ponzi schemes with Olivia.

I get that the scheme was some bizarre way of trying to keep Martin/Charles afloat with their client base and that it easily got out of hand but even I was a little shocked/disappointed when one of the conversations between Andrew and Olivia alluded to the fact that they were going to use extreme tactics when Siobhan had confronted Andrew about it months back.

It’s also been a harsh wake up call for Bridget as well, who went from feeling safe in New York pretending to be her sister to now realising that yet again, she’s in over her head when it comes to things. Trying to placate Andrew and meeting up with Tyler didn’t exactly work in her favour either.

Actually, the placating of Andrew just resulted in her packing a bag and it looking like Andrew threatened her while her attempts of meeting up with Tyler resulted in her being delayed by Henry and discovering the poor guy’s body once again. Oh, well, at least Bridget has Malcolm in her corner.

Well, normally she would’ve but it’s amazing how things kept getting in the way between Bridget and her good friend this week. When they weren’t voicing different opinions on how far Andrew was willing to go to keep his business afloat, Siobhan also managed to drive a wedge between them by pretending to be her sister and acting like an epic bitch to poor Malcolm.

It was rather frustrating that Malcolm didn’t later contact her and figure out that Siobhan was alive and that Bridget has more than just Andrew and Bodaway to worry about but I did like that he was willing to file charges against Bodaway with Victor’s help in order to protect Bridget. Malcolm really is just noble to the very core, isn’t he? I just hope that Andrew’s little visit at the end doesn’t result in bad crap for Malcolm. He’s been through enough already.

Speaking of crap, poor Tyler. I knew once he had outlived his usefulness that he was a dead man and trying to go behind Siobhan’s back to ruin Martin/Charles was a bad idea on his part. Not only did Olivia manage to outsmart him but Tyler wound up dead and she ended up in possession of a certain flash drive that Siobhan was hoping she could get back.

It’s nice to see Olivia step up a little more as a character too. Now it’s possible that she didn’t directly kill Tyler but until further proof, I’m kind of hoping that she did. It would explain the flash drive being in her person and we could easily lose her in later episodes as well. Also I’d rather it was her than Andrew as well.

Last but not least – I wasn’t surprised that Victor actually had a relationship with Shaylene Briggs prior to her death and I wasn’t that surprised that she had been pregnant with his kid as well. It’s not the most original of back stories but it’s a good enough motive for Victor’s determination to put Macawi behind bars and we were overdue something on Victor’s past that tied to the main storylines anyways, so it worked for me.

Also in “You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail”

The title this week was uttered by Olivia when she apprehended Tyler. I guess Tyler is a bit of a pretty boy, isn’t he?

Bridget: “When I came to you before?”
Andrew: “The way things were between us, I was afraid you were gonna turn me in.”

For the first time in a while, Juliet is absent from an episode but the fact that she’s gone with Catherine probably means Andrew’s due to find out he’s been conned by his ex-wife soon.

Bridget: “Has anyone ever told you have amazing eyes?”
Victor: “At least once or twice.”
Bridget: “So, you want me to rock your world?”

Shaylene: “I don’t get it – why me?”
Victor: “I’ve watched you, seen the way you look at people. You’re good at sizing them up, figuring them out.”

Shaylene was Victor’s informant when it came to Bodaway. He recruited her sixteen months ago and she died five months after it.

Andrew (to Olivia): “I don’t care what it takes. Make sure Tyler doesn’t talk.”

Malcolm: “What the hell has gotten into you? Please tell me you’re not using.”
Siobhan: “You would love that, wouldn’t you? You get off on saving me.”

Interesting how peripheral Bridget was in Victor’s flashbacks while in the present day, Henry seemed a little concerned about Bridget’s life in danger. I’m also guessing Torrance is in Bodaway’s pay roll as well.

Olivia: “And Tyler, you’re way too pretty to go to jail.”

Bridget: “Malcolm, I think you might be right. I think Andrew and Olivia are capable of murder.”

Chronology: From where “P.S. You’re An Idiot” left off.

The show is still better to watch but even I have to admit that despite some great moments here and there, “You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail” still isn’t forwarding the storylines fast enough. I guess maybe it’s well past time for Bridget and Siobhan to actually clash at this point.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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