Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x19: "Let's Kill Bridget"

Written by Jay Faerber And Robert Berens
Directed by Jerry Levine

Victor: “Let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s kill Bridget.”

Promises, promises, Victor! No, I don’t want to see Bridget die but it would be nice if Bodaway met a grisly given the shocking lack of development with his character overall and the show could start afresh without that boring inconvenience being a rarely seen but sometimes felt burden on proceedings.

Bridget’s idea of pretending to be herself to testify against Bodaway seemed like an interesting if outlandish idea but Victor managed to topple it by persuading ‘Siobhan’ to pretend to be Bridget getting killed in a drug deal gone wrong in order to exorcise his own demons in relation to the Bodaway case.

The funny part is that Bridget actually went along with the idea and while they were faking a hit, Bridget once again nearly got killed for her trouble by the same guy she interacted with back in the third episode. While it’s nice that the show is tracing back to the origins on the hit set out for Siobhan, it does feel a little bit too late as well to really make an impact.

I don’t think there’s a single person who will be surprised to learn that Catherine was the one responsible for the hit on Siobhan. We’ve already seen the lengths she’ll go to get what she wants and considering that she got a deserved comeuppance from Andrew and Juliet, I would’ve been more shocked if she hadn’t hired her goon again to try and kill ‘Siobhan’.

Andrew and Juliet scheming together in order to get Catherine out of their lives was certainly the most satisfying thing to happen on this show in quite a while. Catherine more or less deserved what happened to her and it gave Andrew a chance to be a little bit crafty and menacing and along with calling Victor out on his incompetence made this a good episode for Andrew.

Getting back to Victor for a bit – I’m not surprised he got suspended and while he was talking about his guilt over Shaylene’s death, I did feel a little bad for him but not as much as I think I should’ve though. However, it is interesting to see both him and Bridget actually working together than against each other.

Speaking of those working with Bridget – I find it nice that Solomon seems to have a genuine concern for Bridget’s safety. While I would prefer to find out what actually happened to Malcolm at this point, it is good that Solomon is at least trying to look out for Bridget. With three episodes left though, we better learn what’s truly happened to both Malcolm and Olivia at this point.

As for Henry – why is it that when he showed a conscience, tried to reason with Siobhan and protect his father in law, that things go horribly for him? Perhaps Tim knew well and good that Henry was a crap husband to Gemma because I’m not sure I can think of any other reason he would see his son in law go to jail for accidently killing Tyler. Then again, given how manipulative Siobhan is, perhaps she was the one who called the cops on Henry.

Also in “Let’s Kill Bridget”

This is one of the best episode titles we’ve had and mainly because there was a point to it. It wasn’t just a snappy title for the sake of it.

Bridget (to Andrew): “This isn’t about me. This is about my sister and the mess she’s made. If you want to blame anyone, you blame Bridget.”

I knew the sequence where Siobhan shot Bridget was going to be a dream sequence. We also got flashbacks of Bridget/Shaylene, Bridget/Victor and Juliet/Andrew in this one.

Juliet (to Andrew): “Daddy, don’t be so Welsh. You can say you got shot. It will give you more street cred.”

Catherine (to Juliet): “Oh, who cares? Palm Springs is for gays and old people.”

Speaking of gays, weren’t we meant to get a gay character in the second half of the season? Unless it’s Solomon.

Victor: “Where is this coming from?”
Bridget: “Bodaway’s hurt too many people. My sister might have been willing to testify but I am.”

Andrew: “Catherine, you are many things but pure?”
Catherine: “Well, by my standards.”

Catherine got conned out of 10 million, courtesy of Andrew and Juliet’s scheming, so does that mean she’s completely cleaned out now?

Siobhan (to Bridget): “Andrew loves you. What do you have that I don’t? Henry’s right. I need to move on. I need to forgive you but I can’t.”

Victor (to Bridget): “Who wants you dead?”

Chronology: From where the previous episode left off.

“Let’s Kill Bridget” was certainly more enjoyable than the last one but I guess my heart’s no longer really in it with this show. Things like Victor’s plan or Catherine’s reveal should be more satisfying but nineteen episodes in, it’s losing me.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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