Saturday, March 10, 2012

Series 7 - How Should Amy/Rory Leave?

And here's some pics of filming in Spain. It looks like Toby Whithouse's episode of Doctor Who for Series 7 has well gotten under way.

Over the last few days, we've seen the TARDIS crew out in Madrid filming what has been rumoured to be a Western/Victorian themed episode with a Terminator type of a villain as well for good measure. Meanwhile back in Wales, DWM's Tom Spilsbury has been tweeting about reading the script for the first episode, due to be filmed in the second block.

And with filming for Series 7 already been at it since last month and as many of the press releases are keen to remind us that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are filming some of the last episodes as Amy and Rory Pond (or Williams or Williams-Pond even), I've read at least two theories in relation to how our favourite Leadworth residents may be leaving the TARDIS for good this time.

Theory 1: Amy/Rory fall pregnant again and especially because of what happened to their first born, they come to the mutual decision to leave the Doctor and go back to Leadworth to raise their child.
Theory 2: Amy/Rory learn the true fate of what really happens to River and through the Doctor, they wind up back in the library and living inside the virtual world with their daughter and her crew.

Either of these scenarios fulfills Moffat's promise of a heartbreaking exit for the Ponds but which one of them do people think is the most likely? Which one is the more fitting? Or failing that, if neither of these scenarios appeals, how do you think Amy/Rory should be written out of the series?

Also, last but not least - any theories/hopes as to who our next TARDIS occupant will be?

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