Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doctor Who - 2012 Convention/Series 7 Spoilers & Trailer

It's hard to deny that this has been certainly an interesting and informative week in relation to the seventh series of Doctor Who. Some further bits and pieces.

First of all, there's an official cast shot of Jenna-Louise Coleman standing in front of the TARDIS and while the identity of her character's name has yet to be revealed, we can reveal that she will begin filming her series from May onwards. It seems that Jenna's character however can at least out talk Matt Smith's Doctor and the speculation in relation to who she might be playing has been interesting to read. I can't wait to see her in action during Christmas but viewers can see Jenna playing a different role tonight 9pm on ITV in Titanic.

Meanwhile, the two day convention in Cardiff has certainly pulled out some more spoilers for viewers. Not only did we get a trailer for what's been filmed so far of the new series (7x02 and 7x03) but it's also been confirmed that the Daleks will be returning for the first episode of Series 7 and that Amy/Rory's departure episode will feature Weeping Angels and be filmed in New York. Moffat's also been quick emphasize that this time not everyone will get out alive. There's still no confirmation on Alex Kingston reprising her role as River but I'm still hopeful that she's returning to see off her parents and impart some wisdom for the new girl soon to board the TARDIS. Oh and expect a Goodbye Ponds music video from Karen and Arthur as well.

Jenna-Louise Coleman Interview:
Steven Moffat/Jenna-Louise Coleman Interview:
Series 7 Trailer:
Convention Report Day 1:

Series 7 of Doctor Who will air in late 2012/early 2013.

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