Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 40 TV Characters Part 1

I was meant to do this a while back but now seems like a good time to do this. Basically a list of forty of my favourite characters from 40 shows I watch. I'll try and keep this as varied as humanly possible.

36: Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) - Sex And The City

One of those guilty pleasure shows I have watched and while I've always found the obsession in the media with Carrie to be borderline disturbing at times (she's the only character to have shown no character growth), I've always loved Miranda. That fun, cynical, non conventional lawyer was the best bloody thing on the show and surely, I cannot be the only one to think so?

37: Victor/Anthony Ceccoli (Enver Gjokaj) - Dollhouse

It was sort of hard picking a favourite from this series what with Topher's geekery not making him particularly endearing or Paul being flat out dull at times, so Victor seemed like the perfect male character on the show. It's also a good thing, considering that he actually managed to make it out of the show alive too. Oh, screw it, it was him and his relationship with Sierra that gave this show more emotional heart than anything involving Echo.

38: Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) - Queer As Folk

I never took to either Stuart or Nathan and while there's a part of me that hated RTD's horrid way of having Vince ditching nice guy Cameron in favour of Stuart, Vince was probably the closest to a character on this show I could relate to. His enthusiasm for a certain show certainly matches/practically usurps mine and damn, I found him a lot more interested in Stuart.

39: Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) - The L Word

Easily the best character on the show and one of the few to also call Jenny out on her pretentious bullshit at times, Alice is the kind of quirky, loveable character that feels like a genuine person than an exaggerated caricature. While the majority of the characters on the show had their moments, Alice certainly managed to stand out the most with her snarky quips and biting observations around her.

40: Kim Daniels - Sugar Rush

Long before Skins treated viewers to the excellence of Naomily, Kim Daniels was certainly the young gay teenager than the likes of LJ and Tumblr exploded over. Despite the show only running two series, Kim's ups and downs with her crazy family, volatile best mate Sugar and her turbulent love life certainly made for fun viewing. She wasn't particularly a saint as a character but she was never unbelievable though.

Part 2 will probably come towards the end of the week.


sexta-feira said...

Hi! Miranda has always been my favorite! I enjoy TV shows much more when I completely identify with a character and on Sex and the City it happened with Miranda, rather than Carrie. Can't wait to see the rest of the list!

shawnlunn2002 said...

Glad you like the list. Miranda is ridiculously underrated (annoying considering she's the most interesting of the four along with Charlotte). The second part of the list will be up either Sunday or Monday.

sexta-feira said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer! I remember one episode where Miranda and Carrie had a fight because C. thought M. was "judgmental". I was like "no, she's just being the voice of reason"! Anyways, thanks again and I'll be sure to check out the second part!