Friday, March 02, 2012

My Review of Revenge's 1x16: "Scandal"

Written by Elle Triedman
Directed by Kenneth Fink

Satoshi: “You should’ve heeded my warning.”
Emily: “What did you do?”

Okay, I’m beginning to think this show is becoming like The Vampire Diaries because it’s knack for setting up mysteries, cliff hangers and bluffs and nearly resolving them at breakneck speed while adding more is actually quite staggering at this rate.

I was fully expecting the writers to wait until the finale to actually reveal that Satoshi was the one who murdered Tyler but not through flashbacks in this episode. I mean, it’s no shock that Satoshi’s method of taking care of Tyler involved shooting him in the back twice but revealing it right now was a wonderful move on the show’s part.

With Emily losing her focus and allowing things to descend into chaos, it’s no surprise that both Nolan and Satoshi actually teamed up to get back in gear but Emily wasn’t a happy bunny when Satoshi gave her the cryptic warning that she wouldn’t be able to save them both, especially her reaction was to smash the Infinity box was anything to go by.

The question is though – who is Emily supposed to be choosing from? Did Satoshi mean Jack or Daniel or was he referring to Jack or Amanda? Emily certainly has motive to save all three of them and given that Satoshi is more than mentor for Emily, she might have watch her back from the people that are helping as well as from the people she’s made designs to destroy all summer too.

I found her reaction to Nolan’s betrayal rather interesting. The Emily at the start of the series certainly would’ve been incensed with rage but this one seemed to understand why Nolan worked Satoshi to tamper with the security system prior to Tyler’s demise. It was also this Emily who paid attention to Nolan this week when he voiced his concerned about Jack and Amanda once again.

Speaking of Jack – Daniel may be in the slammer right now for Tyler’s death but if he doesn’t act smart and fast, it very well could be him doing time. The Graysons are looking for a scapegoat and if they can’t hand Amanda over to the cops, then they’ll do it with Jack the first chance they get.

I loved that this week Declan attempted to go out of his way in order to protect his older brother, whether it was giving him advice or trying to find any incriminating evidence to destroy, this episode made me respect Declan far more than I have done beforehand. Along with his attempts to help Charlotte, Declan really is a stand up guy after all.

Getting back to Charlotte, I am feeling bad for the girl. She can’t stand to be around her parents, she’s worried about Daniel’s future and she’s unable to connect with Declan when he tried to get her off the pills. The scenes she had with Emily where she lamented about having a half-sister and wanting to know about David Clarke certainly did a lot to make her more sympathetic in my eyes.

On the slightly less sympathetic scale – Ashley really did show her true colours in this episode, didn’t she? I suppose I should admire her craftiness (I bet Tyler does) but why did she bother getting Nolan’s team to figure out the identity of the person who leaked Daniel’s photos to the press when it was she who did it? It seemed like a rather stupid move on Ashley’s part but at least someone is openly entertaining the idea that Daniel might have been the one to kill Tyler.

After all, Daniel was the first person to shoot Tyler and while he didn’t kill him, he does have blood on his hands. I did like the moments in this episode where Daniel showed some doubt towards Emily and while he doesn’t deserve to be sent to Riker’s, it’s rather nice that there’s at least one judge in the Hamptons that cannot be bought by the Graysons though.

Ah, the Graysons – they had their moments in this episode. Victoria and Conrad actually tried to put their differences aside in order to support their children and Victoria even tried to play nice with Emily for good measure. Of course with their public life taking a hit and enemies everywhere, it’s really not a good time to be a member of that particular family.

Also in “Scandal”

Usually it’s Emily Van Camp who voices the previously on bit but in this episode it was Madeleine Stowe that did it.

Emily: “Tragedy and scandal it seems have an unique way of clarifying people’s priorities.”

As well as appearances from Tyler, Amanda and Satoshi in flashbacks, we also got another David/Victoria one where we learned that Aunt Charlotte lives in Kansas and one where Conrad confessed his involvement in Flight 197 to Victoria.

Emily: “What are you doing?”
Daniel: “Looking for answers.”

Charlotte: “Talking’s overrated.”
Declan: “And taking pills isn’t? Were you high last night?”

Prior to the airing of this episode, ABC aired a concept trailer for the rest of the season. Just type in Revenge Oscars Promo on YouTube and it should be there.

Victoria: “When you and Daniel decided to get married, you probably would have never dreamed your engagement would’ve included a murder investigation.”
Emily: “I don’t think anyone could imagine something so horrible.”

Emily: “You are blunt.”
Mr Brooks: “Your fiancé is facing a murder charge. This isn’t the time for subtlety.”

Both Victoria and Ashley made allusions to their former lives and their desire never to go back to them. Also Grandpa Grayson wasn’t here during the events of this episode.

Nolan (to Emily): “It’s a little late to put the genie back in the Infinity box.”

Declan (to Jack): “I don’t care who you’re protecting or why but as of now, I’m gonna start protecting you.”

Standout music: Bahamas’s “Southern Brawl”.

Victoria: “How the hell did we get here?”
Conrad: “I believe it’s called the Domino effect.”

Satoshi (to Emily): “The other boy you have feelings for. You cannot save them both.”

Chronology: From where “Chaos” left off.

Now this was certainly an interesting episode. “Scandal” may be the last episode we get for another six weeks but this show’s knack for leaving viewers wanting more isn’t waning anytime soon, especially now that Emily may have future problem with Satoshi in hand.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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