Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 7 Rumours/Updates

Okay, it's not a huge update but little bits have been surfacing recently.

First off all, the delightful Sophie Aldred is on the cover of DWM, talking about her time on the series, the proposed plans for Ace to have guest appeared on The Sarah Jane Adventures, presumably Tree Fu Tom with David Tennant and also about John Nathan Turner/Russell T. Davies and Amy Pond. Well, to be honest Amy does seem a bit influenced by Ace when you think about it, doesn't she? There's also an interview with both Mark Sheppard and William Morgan Sheppard as well if the cover's anything to go by and Series 7 will be filming in Spain.

Elsewhere some rumours have surfaced that Benedict Cumberbatch is in line to replace John Simm as the Master and while I like Cumberbatch, I kind of feel that's a bit too obvious and maybe a less predictable choice would be better. Meanwhile Karen Gillan has made a few more cryptic hints about Amy's imminent departure (it'll have a big impact)and Toby Whithouse has admitted that he knows some stuff about the new companion. There's also rumours that the new series will start in November, that the new companion will debut in the Christmas special. I'm hoping this month's convention in Cardiff with the main stars and the Moff reveals more on the new TARDIS occupant.

Series 7 will air later in 2012.

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