Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lip Service - Series 2 First Cast Picture

Okay, look what I just found today ...

With Being Human's fourth series drawing to a close (please can we have a fifth one?), BBC3 are finally making some effort to promote Lip Service's upcoming second season. No big trailers have surfaced yet but this cast shot with Sam, Sadie, Frankie, Tess, Cat and new girl Lexi is certainly a good way of getting things going.

Not to be outdone, the latest issue of Diva Magazine also has some interviews with the main cast, which should have some spoilers for the show's second series. I know we've got a slew of new characters, a triangle between Sam/Cat/Frankie to resolve as well as Frankie uncovering her past. However one thing that should be pointed out is that BBC3 are currently on an axing spree and between Lip Service, Being Human and The Fades, only two of those shows will be renewed. Tough times, eh?

Lip Service's second series will air on BBC3 from April.

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